10 TV Shows That Should’ve Ended With The First Season

Nothing quite matches the joy and excitement of finding a new favorite TV show. The anticipation, the excitement, the hope that this will be the one to fill the void left by the last series that got canceled. 

But alas, sometimes that hope is misplaced. Sometimes, a TV show comes along that is so unwatchable that it makes you question whether the entire concept of television was a mistake. That last bit might sound over the top, but some of us still can’t forget what happened to Game of Thrones.

Whether it’s because the show-runner clearly ran out of ideas or just because some shows’ concepts are only meant to last for a season, these are ten series that should have ended with the first season.

1. Money Heist (2017)

Let’s begin with a tricky one. Money Heist became an overnight sensation when Netflix acquired the Spanish series’ rights in late 2017. That said, when your show revolves around a high-stakes heist in a well-known Government building, there’s little room for the series to grow beyond that.

Netflix divided the show’s first season into two “Parts.” Part Two is still part of the first season – precisely where the show should have ended.

2. 13 Reasons Why (2017)

Let’s stick with Netflix again, with the controversial 13 Reasons Why. Fans consider the show’s first season as an outstanding adaptation of Jay Asher’s YA novel: the story was touching and well-paced, and most importantly, the audience got the “13 reasons” promised on the tin.

For some reason, the show went on for another three seasons – which entailed making new content outside the original book’s scope. Needless to say, 13 Reasons Why never regained its momentum with fans.

3. The Killing (2011)

When a show revolves around a central mystery that somehow ties every aspect of the show together, your best bet is to leave its resolution to the very end of the series – ask Twin Peaks. However, AMC’s The Killing also committed the same mistake during its second season, making each subsequent season feel dull and uninspired compared to its fantastic opening.

The show’s first season was based on a Danish TV show of the same name, which might explain why it feels disconnected from the rest of the series. Still, this show survived two cancelations, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see it returning in the future.

4. Under the Dome (2013)

Stephen King is no stranger to TV and film adaptations. However, the master of horror was certainly not prepared for what happened with the second and third seasons of his 2013 TV show, Under the Dome.

The show’s premise might have worked well as a written short story – maybe even as a miniseries, like the 1997 version of The Shining – but certainly not as three seasons. As it is, however, Under the Dome feels like a trippy, borderline incoherent show that rarely makes any sense. Still, seeing Dean Norris in a show outside the Breaking Bad multiverse is always a joy – even if he’s not collecting his precious minerals.

5. American Gods (2017)

Despite being met with average viewership, American Gods earned glowing reviews, with many viewers heralding it as a future classic. Yet, the show experienced a stark drop in quality with its second season, resulting in fans losing faith in the series. For some, The departure of Bryan Fuller, who served as the showrunner for season one, may have been a factor in its decline. Some argue that the bad writing and lackluster plotlines in season two suggest that the show should have ended after its initial run.

If not even Ian McShane can save your show, then you should definitely consider cutting your losses.

6. Dexter (2006)

Have you ever seen an outstanding show that progressively worsens until you lose all interest and forget it existed? 

That’s more or less what happened with Dexter. While the show did have some great seasons after the first one, it fell victim to its premise, as it had to dumb down essentially every character as a way to keep Dexter’s night job a secret for eight seasons. In Dexter‘s case, you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a lumberjack.

7. Sleepy Hollow (2013)

While some shows start off great and steadily wither with each season, it’s safe to say that Sleepy Hollow never quite found its groove. This supernatural drama series premiered in 2013, loosely based on Washington Irving’s classic short story but bringing its characters to a modern setting.

Sleepy Hollow‘s first season was praised for its fresh take on the classic tale, but subsequent seasons failed to live up to its initial promise. Viewers were left confused and frustrated by the show’s increasingly ridiculous storylines, and the departure of key cast members only served to exacerbate its problems.

8. Hannibal (2013)

The first season of Hannibal was, to put it bluntly, incredible. Mads Mikkelsen’s performance as the menacing but enthralling cannibal made him one of the best antagonists ever portrayed in TV history. While the show did get noticeably better storylines in season two, the sad reality of what became of Hannibal is that the show might have worked better as a single-season miniseries.

In the end, season three of Hannibal feels entirely disconnected from the two previous seasons, leaving fans on a disappointing cliffhanger that will remain unresolved for the foreseeable future.

9. True Detective (2014)

HBO’s True Detective did many things right with its second season. The showrunners understood that Rust and Marty’s story came full circle by the end of season one, which meant that True Detective would become an anthology series beginning with season two.

However, there was a lingering question in the minds of many fans: why? True Detective never quite recaptured the appeal of its first season. With the cultural relevance of the True Detective franchise also quickly vanishing from social media, the later seasons came and went without the same fanfare as the original.

There’s a new season still in development, but as far as many fans are concerned, Rust and Marty are the true detectives.

10. Heroes (2006)

Heroes might as well be the poster boy for shows that should have ended with their first season. A show that promises so much with its ensemble cast of characters, superhuman abilities, intriguing mysteries, and complex relationships. However, after a promising start, the series quickly became bogged down in convoluted storylines, nonsensical plot twists, and inconsistent character arcs.

The show’s initial popularity and critical acclaim quickly turned to disappointment and frustration for viewers who felt betrayed by its inability to live up to its potential. Despite attempts to course-correct in later seasons, Heroes never fully recovered from its early missteps, leaving fans to wonder what might have been had the show ended on a high note after its first season.

Considering the popularity of superheroes these days, Heroes could have been a trailblazer for the genre. Instead, fans remember the show not for what it was but for what it could have been – and for Zachary Quinto and Masi Oka’s outstanding performances.

Over to you. Do you think these TV Shows should have ended with their first season, or did you enjoy the rest of the seasons regardless? Moreover, are there other shows that definitely need to be on this list?

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