Best Gifts for Teens and Tweens who love Unicorns

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Best Gifts for Teens and Tweens who love Unicorns

Is your Teen or Tween obsessed with Unicorns? If so, I got you covered! After all, Unicorns symbolizes happiness, peace, and uniqueness. To believe is in unicorns is to believe everything is possible! With that said, here are some of the best unicorn gifts. They are ideal for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or even Back to school gifts.

Unicorn Necklaces

Unicorn necklaces are beautiful and dreamy; they will, without a doubt, make a sweet, sentimental gift for all Unicorn Lovers.

Unicorn Slippers

Who wouldn’t appreciate a cozy and warm unicorn slipper, let alone a unicorn fan? It’s perfect for a lazy day at home, and it’ll be a gift that will put a smile on their faces.

Novelty Bags

Teens and tweens love Novelty Bags, and these Unicorn bags are no exception; especially, if they are obsessed with unicorns! Surprise them with the following cute novelty bags. They’ll love it!

Fun Unicorn Headphone

Talk about a cute and trendy gift for unicorn lovers! Now your teen or tween can look like a unicorn while binging their favorite show or listening to their favorites songs and audiobooks!

Unicorn Jewelry Dish

How cute are these Jewelry Dish? I love how you can place a ring on the cute little horn; now, which jewelry dish can be this awesome! The below Jewelry Dish will make a great gift for the organized teen or tween. Moreover, it’ll add beauty and character to the room.

Unicorn Wall Art

You can’t go wrong with these cute and trendy Unicorn Wall Arts. They will add magic to any Teen or Tween room, thus making it the perfect gift for unicorn lovers.

Cozy Onesie Pajamas

Cute, cozy, and exactly what a unicorn lover would love to wear! Surprise your teen or tween with one of these trendy unicorn onesies. I mean, once they put this on, they may never want to take it off!

Unicorn Cosmetic Bag

Not only are they cute and trendy, but they are also practical for travel, camping, or road trips! You don’t have to be a unicorn lover to love these cosmetic bags. They’ll easily make an excellent gift!

Cutest Unicorn LED Lights

The below unicorn LED lights will stand out in any Teen or Tween room. They are cute, trendy, and dreamy. It’s a sweet gift for unicorn lovers during Birthdays or Christmas. Moreover, they can also as a night light!

Unicorn Earrings

Teens and Tweens love trendy Stud earrings, and I can guarantee that a unicorn-loving teen or tween will adore these earrings. In short, earrings will always make a beautiful, sentimental gift, and these unicorn earrings won’t disappoint.

Unicorn Plushies

For the Tween or Tween who has everything! If your Teen or Tween already has everything unicorn-related, you can always get a unicorn plush. Plushes never disappoint as a gift, and there is no such thing as ‘enough’ plushes.

Unicorn Bath Bombs

Perfectly packaged and ready to gift, the below organic Bath Bombs will make a great thoughtful gift for any unicorn lover. From now on, having a bath will be something dreamy and magical!

Unicorn Hooded Bathrobe

Speaking of magical Bath Bombs, how about combining it with this soft and cozy hooded bathrobe! It’ll make a great unicorn Spa day at home, and that is to say, the most thoughtful gift ever!

Fidget Toy with Pop Sound

For the unicorn lovers who also love fidget toys! Fidget toys can be great for anxiety and stress relief, and this unicorn-shaped fidget will only make things better for our unicorn lovers!

Unicorn Throw Blanket

Throw blankets will always make a great Birthday or Christmas gift. These unicorn blankets will fit perfectly in the bedroom or living room. Talk about a gift all unicorn lovers would love to wrap themselves in!

Unicorn Makeup Brush

An ideal gift for the unicorn lover who is also an aspiring makeup artist! The following beautiful unicorn makeup brush set will make an excellent gift for any unicorn lover. They are perfect for teen or tween who loves doing makeup or just makeup beginners!

Cute Unicorn Journal & Sketch Book

These cute unicorn Journals will make an excellent ‘Back to School’ gift for any unicorn lover. It’s probably exactly what a unicorn lover would expect their notebook to look like; cute and fun, and the perfect journal to write down their dreams!

Cute Unicorn Door Sign

The following signs say: No trespassing – violators will be turned into rainbows, and I think that’s the cutest thing ever. I’m pretty sure unicorn lovers will love this novelty sign as a gift.

Unicorn Card Games

Whether it’s a Strategic Game or a fun party game, these card games will put a smile on any unicorn lover’s face. They are easy to learn and super fun for Teen or Tweens to play with their friends or family.

Unicorn 3D Light

Unicorns are already known to be magical creatures, and this 3D light will only make it even more magical for your teen or tween. It’ll be a wonderful, futuristic gift they will forever cherish.

Unicorn Bedding Set

Yes, a bedding set may seem like a boring gift, but these unicorn bedding sets may transform their bedroom into a dreamland! Thus, making it one of the best unicorn gifts out there!

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