5 Charming Christmas Themes Celebrities Are Obsessed With

Have you ever wondered which Christmas themes Hollywood’s A-listers love and why they are so obsessed? Let’s explore five fun Christmas theme ideas, which celebrities had the most festive Christmas party theme, and what it takes to replicate those themes at home this Christmas.

From their over-the-top holiday decor, glam, and glitz of Beverly Hills to the snowy Aspen and Jackson Hole winter wonderlands, celebs know how to make the best of the holiday season. They showcase trends and holiday goals we can’t resist!

Check out the list of Christmas themes celebrities are obsessed with. Any of these themes might be your next holiday decorating obsession.

1. Winter Wonderland 

Who’s Obsessed and Did the Best? Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s “Winter Wonderland Christmas Party” cost about $1.3 million. This party honestly looked like stepping into a scene of our favorite Christmas movies!

The Kardashians and Jenners have been in the public eye for years and have become synonymous with luxury, glamor, and high-profile events. Particularly, their Christmas parties have been famous for their uniqueness and creativity. 

Why Winter Wonderland?

There’s no better way to spread holiday cheer than decorating a magical winter wonderland for the most wonderful time of the year! The winter wonderland idea immediately brings the images of snow-covered landscapes and icy branches in silent, peaceful white scenery – like a beautiful holiday card. 

This theme is versatile and broad enough to be designed and decorated in many ways. Whether you want a setting filled with playful snowmen, a sophisticated scene with a white Christmas tree and decorations, or a rustic woodland backdrop, the theme can be tailored to different tastes and styles.

This theme ties to many Christmas traditions, stories, and songs that revolve around winter themes. For example, “Winter Wonderland” the song, is a classic tune that celebrates the true joy of the season. White Christmas is also considered one of the elegant party themes for this time of the year.

How To Do It?

  • Color Scheme: Stick primarily to whites, silvers, and icy blues.
  • White Trees: Use white flocked Christmas trees for a snow-covered look. White Christmas trees bring a wonderful holiday spirit to your living room and party! 
  • Fairy Lights: String white lights (or cool-toned LED lights) around the trees and mantles. 
  • Snowflakes: Hanging crystal snowflakes from ceilings, windows, or trees is a great way to decorate a winter wonderland.
  • Faux Snow: Sprinkle on tabletops, place in glass jars, or use cotton on tree skirts for a “snowy” effect.
  • Glitter: Add touches of silver glitter on ornaments and pine cones or even spray onto branches. These are all fun ideas for your winter wonderland decor! 
  • Icy Decor: Use crystal or glass, beaded garlands, and other shimmering items.
  • Ornaments: Stick to clear, white, silver, and icy blue ornaments. Consider glittery finishes.
  • Candles: Use white or light blue candles, preferably in clear or frosted holders.
  • Textiles: Use white and silver throw blankets, cushions, and rugs. Consider faux fur for a cozy touch.
  • Natural Elements: Spray-paint branches, pinecones, and leaves in white or silver and arrange them in vases or as table centerpieces.
  • Snow Globes: Feature these wintery scenes as decorative elements on tables or shelves.
  • Door Wreath: Use a white or silver wreath with snowflakes or shiny ornaments.
  • Outdoor Decor: If your space allows, create a winter wonderland scene with white reindeer, snowmen, or other outdoor winter-themed decor.

2. Candyland Christmas

Who’s Obsessed and Did the Best? Kris Jenner 

Kris Jenner is known for her elaborate and unique Christmas decorations, each year boasting a different theme. One of her memorable themes was the “Candyland” or “Candy Canes” Christmas setup.

While many people use traditional Christmas themes, choosing “Candyland” sets Kris apart. It’s a testament to her willingness to think outside the box and try something new. She featured oversized candy canes, huge gumdrops, and other candy-themed decorations for this theme, creating a dramatic visual impact.

Why Candyland?

The candy cane has been part of the fun Christmas tradition for centuries. Its timeless appeal takes us back to our childhood Christmas and holiday celebrations, making it the perfect sweet to bridge generations.

Candy canes are such versatile decor for Christmas! Whether hung on a tree, stirred into a hot cocoa as a sweet treat, or crafted into a festive wreath, they’re a versatile piece of holiday decor.

How To Do It?

  • Entrance: Hang candy cane wreaths or garlands around the front door.
  • Mantle: Place candy cane candles on your fireplace mantle. Or add candy canes to your garlands and place them on your mantle. 
  • Coffee Table Centerpiece: Fill a glass vase with candy canes.
  • Christmas Tree Ornaments: The perfect way to display your candy cane theme. 
  • Garland: Create a candy cane garland by attaching candy canes back-to-back with ribbon.
  • Tree Topper: Use a giant candy cane or a candy cane bow as a unique topper.
  • Skirt: Place a red and white striped tree skirt to showcase the candy cane pattern.
  • Table Settings: Continue the candy cane theme on your table to set the perfect party.
  • Place Cards: Attach a name tag to a candy cane for each guest.
  • Napkin Rings: Using candy cane napkin rings to finish decorating your place setting is always a good idea.

3. Classic Red & Green Christmas 

Who’s Obsessed and Did the Best? Nick & Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Like everyone else, celebrities have personal preferences and traditions regarding holiday decorations. Nick & Priyanka Chopra Jonas might choose classic themes for their nostalgic value, to honor family traditions, or simply because they like the aesthetic and its timeless appeal.

Why Classic Red & Green? 

The green and red color palette is traditionally associated with Christmas. The green often symbolizes life and rebirth, while the red represents the blood of Christ in Christian traditions. For many people worldwide, regardless of their religious beliefs, the green and red theme symbolizes the festive spirit and the holiday season.

Most people prefer classic red and green colors for Christmas tree decorations.

How To Do It?

  • Color Palette: Use predominantly red and green with white, gold, or silver touches.
  • Christmas Tree: Buy a traditional green Christmas tree.
  • Ornaments: Use red and green ornaments. Combine the shiny and matte.
  • Tree Topper: Gold or silver star/tree topper.
  • Christmas Lights: White or multicolored lights for added warmth.
  • Wreaths: Fresh or faux evergreen wreaths with red bows.
  • Garlands: Garlands of greenery adorned with red berries or ornaments.
  • Table Setting: Red and green are classic colors and a great theme to set your table.
  • Tablecloth: Use a red tablecloth with green napkins.
  • Centerpiece: Use a festive centerpiece with candles, pinecones, and red berries. 
  • Tableware: Use red and green dishware and glassware.
  • Outdoor Decor: Use Red and green string lights on the house exterior or trees.
  • Doorways Garlands: Evergreen garlands around doorways and railings decorated with red ribbons.
  • Red Bows: Large red bows on outdoor lanterns or posts.

4. Floral Christmas

Who’s Obsessed and Did the Best? Jennifer Lopez

Many people choose floral themes for their Christmas trees because flowers can symbolize life, rebirth, and beauty–themes align well with the festive season. They can also bring a fresh and unique aesthetic compared to traditional Christmas decorations. This could be why JLO chose to add beautiful red roses to her Christmas tree. 

Why Floral?

Using flowers as ornaments can bring feelings of renewal, hope, and a wonderful celebration of rebirth and joy. Flowers bring diverse colors, shapes, and textures that can be used for festive decorations, from deep red poinsettias to beautiful white lilies, red, or even the soft pink of roses.

Another thing to keep in mind is the flower design adds a touch of elegance. Whether using fresh, dried, or artificial flowers, the tree has a more natural, earthy feel. Designing a Christmas tree with flowers and matching color ornaments would be one of those elegant Christmas party themes you can never go wrong with!

You can decorate your hot cocoa bar, cocktail bar, gingerbread house, and coffee table centerpieces with the same type and colors as your Christmas tree flowers.

While this is not “traditional” Christmas decor, a flower-themed Christmas tree can be a breathtaking centerpiece in your living room for the holiday season and this time of year. It shows nature’s year-round beauty and is a reminder that hope and renewal can be found even in the coldest times.

How To Do It?

  • Choose a Tree: Select a fresh or artificial Christmas tree. Opt for a green tree or a snow-flecked one, depending on your preference.
  • Placement of Lights: Before adding flowers, ensure your tree is pre-lit, or wrap your tree with fairy lights or LED string lights. Warm white or soft colored lights usually complement floral themes best.
  • Decide on a Color Scheme: Choose colors to complement each other (like pink, white, or red.) You can also go for contrasting colors for a bold look.
  • Select Your Flowers: Use a mix of real and artificial flowers. Real flowers can be dried or fresh. Popular choices are roses, poinsettias, orchids, and lilies.
  • Prepare the Flowers: Trim stems to a manageable length (about 3-4 inches) for real flowers. For artificial flowers: Fluff out the petals to give them a natural appearance.
  • Begin with Larger Flowers: Insert the larger flowers evenly throughout the tree. Push the stem into the tree branches to ensure they are securely placed.
  • Add Medium and Smaller Flowers: Fill in gaps with medium-sized flowers. Use smaller flowers as fillers, providing a good distribution of colors and sizes.
  • Add Texture: Use other greeneries, ferns, feathers, or butterflies for added texture and depth.
  • Add Ornaments: Choose ornaments that complement the floral theme. Hang ornaments closer to the tips of branches for better visibility.
  • Ribbons & Bows: Intertwine ribbon garlands through the tree or make bows from floral-patterned ribbons.
  • Keep it Fresh: If using fresh flowers, spritz them lightly with water to keep them hydrated. Avoid placing the tree near heat sources or in direct sunlight.
  • Finishing Touches: Place a complementary tree skirt or a blanket of faux snow at the base.

5. Golden Fairytale

Who’s Obsessed and Did the Best? Kylie Jenner

Like the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner family, Kylie is known for her lavish holiday decorations, which often become a topic of discussion on social media. The Kardashian-Jenner family is known for setting fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends.

By choosing a unique and specific theme like “Gold Fairytale,” Kylie can inspire millions of followers to try similar themes or look for their holiday celebrations.

Why Golden Fairytale? 

There’s something so magical about the Golden Fairytale Christmas theme! Gold is a color that evokes feelings of warmth and festivity, making it a perfect shade for the holiday season. Suppose you invite friends or family to your house for Christmas or host a beautiful cocktail party. In that case, you can easily incorporate this elegant color throughout your Christmas party and the decorations.

The beauty of this theme is it combines the traditional elements of Christmas with the charm of age-old stories.

The Golden Fairytale theme is versatile and beautifully complements other festive colors like green and red and blends with white decorations. It simply brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to the celebration.

So, if you want to make your holiday decor feel timeless, the Golden Fairytale can be one of the best Christmas theme ideas.

How To Do It? 

  • Choose the Tree: Choose a full and lush tree, whether natural or artificial.
  • Tree Color: Ensure the tree’s natural green contrasts well with gold decorations, or consider a snow-flecked or white tree for more emphasis.
  • Lights: Use the pre-lit Christmas tree. If you are using a real tree, use warm golden LED lights to wrap around the tree from base to tip. Consider intertwining fairy lights for a magical glow.
  • Ornaments: Choose elegant golden baubles and stars. 
  • Garlands: Incorporate golden ivy or leafy garlands.
  • Tree Topper: Place a golden star, fairy, or crown at the top.
  • Texture and Layers: Combine matte, shiny, and glittery gold finishes – layer with different golden shades for depth.
  • Additional Details: Add miniature golden carriages or storybook items.
  • Surroundings: Place golden candles or lanterns near the tree base.
  • Gift Boxes: Place fairy tale-themed gift boxes or wrap packages in gold paper around the base.

Christmas is not just a time of tradition but also one of innovation and individual expression. With their constant spotlight and influence, celebrities often serve as the “trendsetters” for the rest of us. Celebrities’ Christmas themes tell a story of their taste, favorite Christmas songs, party guests, and so much more every year!

From vintage winter wonderlands to eco-friendly celebrations, the stars usually have some of the best Christmas party theme ideas and decorations.

Whether you want to decorate your home or party just like these celebrity Christmas themes or look for inspiration, remember the most important part of the holiday season is togetherness, joy, and gratitude. No matter the trend, the heart of Christmas remains unchanged: a celebration of love, family, and hope.

Happy holidays! Have fun decorating and planning for the most wonderful time of year!

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