10 Plus-size Clothing Tips and Style Advice for Curvy Women

Plus size clothing tips

Every few years, the fashion world promotes some new desired body type. In the ’90s, you were “in” if your body looked slim, almost anorexic (remember Kate Moss?). However, centuries back, in the 1400s, thinness symbolized being poor.

Though the preferred body image has changed throughout the years, from aerobic to skinny to plus-size, women’s bodies are beautiful no matter what.

In the past decade, we’ve seen a greater variety of beautiful women’s bodies on magazine covers, especially those that embrace their curves. Thankfully, many body positivity campaigns showed young girls that being plus-size is nothing to be ashamed of.

On the other hand, there are still fashion ‘experts’ telling you what you can and cannot wear. Curvy women have been told not to wear anything too tight-fitting, too bold, or anything drawing attention to their figure. Women’s magazines contain articles on ‘how to hide the pounds.’ Why don’t we forget this and learn to embrace the curvy figure?

Here we will share some plus-size clothing tips, allowing you to boost both your style and your confidence.

What Is Plus-size Clothing

According to the Cambridge dictionary, the term ‘plus size’ relates to people larger than average, meaning the definition is open to interpretation. Many designers, brands, and models follow their charts, so US and UK plus-size clothes and accessories may vary.

Because the average American woman is a size 16 – 18, many wear plus-size clothing. Clothing brands and companies know this; therefore, there is an excellent selection of clothing.

Plus-size Clothing Tips

Now we’ve defined what plus-size clothing is, let’s get on to some of the tips and advice.

1. Forget What You’ve Been Told

The first suggestion is to forget about the rules. You can wear whatever you want, as long as you feel comfortable and happy.

Over the years, specific ‘rules’ telling what is fashionable get drummed into our heads. Hide your tummy, don’t wear bold patterns, and don’t wear anything too tight – these are just some of them you can hear or read.

We should leave these old-fashioned ideas in the past. We only need to open up our social media feeds, lookbooks, or similar outfit-sharing sites and check out the thriving body-positive community to see that people with additional pounds can wear whatever they want.

Have you put on weight recently but still want to put on a cute crop top? Go for it! Are you a big fan of abstract patterns? Fill your boots!

2. Accept Yourself

One of the essential tips for curvy women is to accept your body, enhance it and know who you are. Plus-size women can fall into the trap of wishing to be slimmer or a different shape. However, each body is different and unique, and your body is perfect the way it is!

Accepting yourself is the first step towards looking good in what you wear. The sexiest accessory you can wear is confidence.

Also, don’t undervalue social media groups and communities. You will not only see a variety of aesthetic outfits and get a ton of fashion inspiration but also receive support and an uplifting vibe from fellow members.

3. Don’t Hide Your Body

It can be tempting to drown our bodies in baggy clothes when we are big and tall. We all succumb to listening to the beauty standards set forward by society, and these are often obsessed with slimness and weight. It can make us feel pretty down and out if we are curvy, triggering us to hide our bodies.

However, wearing oversized clothes makes us look less rounded. If you constantly wear too large clothes, ask yourself what your best features are. Perhaps you like your legs or know that your bum is your best physical feature.

It is time to work with what you have and embrace your body! You don’t have to stick to maxi-skirt, plus-size dresses, or baggy sweatshirts. Look for clothing that enhances your best body features and shows off what you have.

Are you choosing swimwear? Don’t hesitate a moment to pick that bikini. Make sure it is comfy for you and show the world how plus-size swimsuits can look good.

Plus-size women have curves, and they are beautiful and fabulous. How can you flaunt your curves in a way that makes you feel good?

4. The Right Fit

Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly is vital. There is undoubtedly a difference between being squeezed up in a dress or t-shirt and those things fitting you nicely. You don’t want to buy anything too tight or too large since it will drown your figure.

Because sizing is a bit bizarre and clothing in the same size can differ drastically, trying on clothes before you buy is super important. Try different sizes and shapes to find the best fitting clothes for you when shopping. Don’t just stick with one size; try a few different ones to find the perfect fit.

5. Embrace the Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a fantastic wardrobe staple for plus-size women. The cut enhances the curves and elongates the body, creating a beautiful silhouette.

Pairing your pencil skirt with an A-line top is a perfect day-to-day outfit, allowing you to feel confident in your curves! Make sure the skirt reaches your knees – a length that flatters everyone.

6. Think About Fabric

Lots of clothing is made from clingy synthetic fabric, which is uncomfortable and can make you feel a little self-conscious. Polyester is not only bad for you, but also our planet, so try not to buy clothes made of it.

When shopping for clothes, find garments made with breathable and natural materials. Cotton, linen, silk, and even satin for special occasions, are the best materials.

Buying clothing made with a slight stretch will allow you to feel comfortable in your outfit but still shows off your beautiful curves!

7. Go Bold

It can be tempting to stick to so-called “flattering colors” and keep things dark or neutral regarding plus-size items. Hiding in a black dress may sound like a safe option, but what about slipping into a flirty floral-print maxi dress instead?

Clothing is a fantastic way of showing off your personality, so don’t be afraid to go bold with patterns or prints.

Big shapes and bold patterns look great on curvy women. So, why don’t you try a tie-dye tunic or a vivid cardigan instead of a dull black blouse? The old-fashioned view that curvy women shouldn’t wear bold prints is outdated! Even though those patterns bring attention to the body, that shouldn’t be a problem for you.

8. Choose Dresses Accordingly

We all have different body types. And even though there can’t be strict rules in fashion, specific cuts, colors, or prints flatter one figure but can look awful on the other.

Dresses are no exception. For example, smock dresses are cute, feminine, and super comfortable! They are perfect for curvy women as they do not drown the figure but create a flowing silhouette that feels and looks good.

A wrap dress is an excellent choice for curvy women, too. These dresses are adjustable and enhance the waist, creating a beautiful outline. They are also really comfortable and perfect for so many different occasions. A wrap dress will be your go-to outfit.

An asymmetrical dress is also a great alternative because it creates vertical lines with a slimming and elongating effect. Vertical lines are much more flattering compared to horizontal ones.

What about bodycon dresses? It can be tempting to avoid tight bodycon dresses if you are plus-sized. Still, they are a superb fashion-forward choice that looks fantastic on many curvy women.

Make sure to have even one or two of these dresses in your closet. Next time you say, “I have nothing to wear,” remember these dresses for your day-to-night outfit combos.

9. Invest in the Right Lingerie

Underwear makes or breaks an outfit, even though you can’t see them! Good underwear provides the basis for your outfit and figure, and don’t hold back from buying yourself something a little bit expensive if it makes you feel good!

Full-figured women usually have bigger breasts, so it is crucial to get the right bra. If you can, go to a department store and get measured properly. Having the right bra means that you are supported and your figure enhanced.

Shapewear is a brilliant way of enhancing your curves and smoothing your silhouette. Contrary to popular belief, shapewear isn’t restrictive and is super comfortable. Kim Kardashian swears by shapewear, defining it as her lining.

Because of their increasing popularity, there is so much shapewear to choose from online and in stores. You can purchase high-waisted shapewear that will smooth out your stomach and waist or opt for something that includes the thighs.

The secret to wearing bodycon, or body-conscious dresses as plus size, is underwear! Putting on fitting panties or shapewear will smooth out your curves, creating a stunning shape.

Anti-chafing shorts are a must for many plus-sized women. Nothing is worse than wearing a cute summer dress for a party, only to be uncomfortable for the entire night because of chafing.

10. Show off Some Skin

The stomach area creates a lot of anxiety for plus-size women. However, there is no need to hide your stomach if you don’t want to. It is time to embrace the fuller belly rather than constantly thinking about how to cover it up when picking your outfits.

If you are anxious about your tummy, start slowly. Match that trendy crop top with some high-waisted pants at first, with just a little skin on show. Once you start embracing your tummy, you will soon feel much more confident about your body!

Final Words

The fashion industry has always been a little difficult for curvy women. Until recently, plus size was considered not desirable, especially on the front pages of fashion magazines. These so-called standards and skinny models made them feel horrible.

Today’s clothing choices are endless. More and more brands are getting into plus-size fashion and starting to make larger-size wardrobes. Jackets, denim jeans, skirts, tops, tees, dresses, and other items come in many materials, shapes, and colors.

This article originally appeared on Wealth of Geeks.

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