The Top Attack on Titan Episodes According to Fans

A show that needs no introduction, Attack on Titan has amassed an unparalleled fandom at this point. Being nearly ten years old now, it still holds its ground compared to the rest of its peers. It’s been one hell of a ride this past decade, and over the years, the series has gifted us with episodes that have ‘rumbled us’ inside out. With the ‘final final final, this time for sure final’ episode about to go on air later this year, we thought it’d be great to talk about the top 10 best Attack on Titan episodes according to fans. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

Warning: The following slideshow may contain spoilers

10. Two Brothers – Season 4, Episode 19

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Season 4 has given us some of the best episodes, and “Two Brothers” is no exception. With the show reaching its climax, this action-filled episode kept us at the edge of our seats for 24 minutes. And just when you think Zeke’s scream turning the whole city into a titan frenzy was as crazy as it can get, you will be astounded by what’s more about to come.

9. The War Hammer Titan – Season 4, Episode 6

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Right after that monumental speech, we see another new titan, the Warhammer Titan, and fans weren’t disappointed—one who looks quite cool, to say the very least. We also get to see how much Eren has improved, becoming deadlier than ever this time around. And after living on the other side of the sea for five episodes straight, fans got goosebumps seeing the Survey Corps launching a battle on Marley.

8. Perfect Game – Season 3, Episode 16

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Taking the titan shifters head-on had driven humanity into a corner. But when all hope is lost, Levi and Erwin have a conversation that moves not only themselves but the entire audience watching the episode for the first time. This episode perfectly portrays the resolve and determination the scouts have built over the years. The way it all goes down and ends makes Erwin Smith a character that will live in our hearts for a long time and an episode no fans dare to forget.

7. Midnight Sun – Season 3, Episode 18

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2019 was ‘Attack on Titan’ at its finest, with titans and humans going at each other like there’s no tomorrow. The long-awaited battles were extreme, and the aftermath was just as intense.

Levi faces a difficult decision to save either Erwin, the commander of the Survey Corps, or Armin, one of Eren’s closest friends. After reflecting on their respective dreams and accomplishments, Levi ultimately decides to inject the serum into Armin, giving him the power of the Colossal Titan and a chance to turn the tide of the battle. Erwin dies from his injuries, but not before Levi grants him his final wish to learn the truth about the world beyond the walls. I’m not crying; you are!

6. Hero – Season 3, Episode 17

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If you think the perfect game was intense, ‘Hero’ from season 3 delivered and is still known as Season 3’s best to this day. The fights concluded, one after another, the enemy getting the upper hand, Armin’s sacrifice, and the scouts finally getting the long-forgotten taste of victory. Honestly, it was quite surprising how they gave us all in one go. Especially with Levi, the episode made sure he looked more badass than ever. ‘Hero’ will remain some of the Anime’s best episodes to date, and I don’t think anything would change that!

5. That Day – Season 3, Episode 20

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Season 3 has undoubtedly taken many spots on the list. Episode 20 is and will always be one of the massive turning points in the series. Looking into Grisha’s memories shows us a world we couldn’t have ever foreseen. The way it all connects and completes the puzzle is just beautiful through and through. We finally get to know all about Grisha and the Titan responsible for the demise of Eren’s mother, not to mention this whole Eldians and Marleyans mess that boggled our minds quite a lot! The basement was sure worth going in.

4. Memories of the Future – Season 4, Episode 20

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I guess any episode with Grisha never fails to impress us. This episode made highlights left and right, and on top of being gold meme material, it’s safe to say that fans were shocked to see what exactly happened to Grisha in the past. Manipulated and forced to carry out his very son’s will, how wrong were we to have thought otherwise this entire time? Talk about the greatest twist of all time.

It was indeed one of the ‘harder episodes’ to pull off, given it had a lot going on, stuff merging into each other the entire time. However, it was executed perfectly and gave us one hell of a psychological experience!

3. Warrior – Season 2, Episode 6

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Season 2 of the anime was different. We didn’t see a lot of 3D maneuvering, and seeing all these new locations had us pretty ‘occupied.’ But this episode broke everyone’s screen for sure. As if Reiner coming out as the ‘armored titan’ like it’s nothing wasn’t enough, the voice acting and the animation of the whole sequence deserve an oscar. Let’s not even talk about the amazing soundtrack during this unforgettable scene.

Eren’s, ‘You damn traitors!’ gets me every time; trust me, I’ve viewed this clip a million times already. We all do.

2. Assault – Season 4, Episode 7

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As if the battle between Eren and the War Hammer Titan was not epic enough, we get to witness an episode where 7 out of 9 shifting titans are battling each other. This episode picked up exactly where it left off with the arrival of the Survey Corps, and it sure delivered, giving us one of the most remarkable battles of all time.

With Eren going all out consuming the war hammer titan without even batting an eye and Armin bringing the colossal titan into the picture, you can tell that this episode will be one of the most talked about for years to come due to its execution and epicness.

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1.  From You, 2000 Years Ago – Season 4, Episode 21

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In this episode, not only do we get to travel back and unravel the story of the founding titan, Ymir. We also witness one of the most significant moments on television when the walls fell, and the Titans began their march.

This episode was masterfully written and directed and did not fail to send chills down our spine from start to finish. 

Although the rumbling is extreme and terrifying, the scenes from the past are what broke us to pieces. For a long time, Ymir was portrayed as an evil being, only for us to find out that she’s just a scared, abused girl King Fritz is using. 

“You’re not a slave or a god. You’re a person.”  This quote will be one of the best moments in television history.

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