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A Personalized Book as a Gift?

Getting a Personalized Book as a Birthday, Valentine, or Christmas Gift is becoming more popular each day because they tend to be more heartfelt and remarkable. They are unique and make a sincere gift. Personalized books come in all shapes and forms; some may look like a Photo Album while some look like a cartoon of yourself, and the list goes on.

You see, I actually find personalized books which look like a printed Photo Album to be somewhat boring. Yes, you may add personal sweet messages here and there, but it still doesn’t give that extra unique touch.

I mean, you would love to create something wonderful and unique. However, you get frustrated thinking about designing a personalized book from scratch. How can you make it engaging and funny and at the same time easy to create? This brings me to my favorite personalized book – The Book of Everyone.

Here’s why I love The Book of Everyone

The automation technique it gives you to create your personalized book is simply impressive. You get to create a professional-looking book and retell precious moments in the most fun way possible.
You could also add your pictures or switch pages/words to your likings – here’s a sneak peek.

Personalized with pictures

You’ll discover a surprisingly simple way to personalize it with your pictures and still looking like an original piece.

Fun Facts

This part is my personal favorite. I love how witty, interesting, and informative it can be. It’s ideal if the book was a Birthday Gift because you get some fun facts about the day or year you were born.

It also includes the hit song and blockbuster movie from the year you were born. Your Friends and Family will love this!

And not to mention other historical landmarks!

There must be some reason why some personalized books outperform others. The pop-art style and vintage designs make ‘The Book of Everyone’ stands out from the rest. To me, most personalized books are either a little boring or too personal. Meanwhile, ‘The Book of Everyone’ can be very entertaining and a conversation starter among friends and family.

And all of this can be created in minutes! The simplicity here is at its finest.

For the record, there are numerous ideas and layouts available to design your book. The variety of options to personalize is beyond dreamy. For example, ‘by recipient’ such as Mom, Dad, Grandparent, Kids, Freinds, or Pet Lovers, or ‘by occasion’ such as Birthday, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Weddings, Christmas or Graduation.

In addition to this, you can also create a personalized wise(ish) words book where you can add some wise and humourous quotes! Isn’t that the sweetest gift for a BFF or New Parents?

These are the sort of gifts they will truly cherish.

Create yours now and can get 10% off with the discount code: NADIA10

To sum up, are personalized books worth it?

Absolutely! They are fun and unique; although creating a personalized book may be a little expensive, it is still something that could never die over time. If anything, it could only get better over time, rekindling funny moments, friendships, and family bonds. So, if you are looking for a special gift to brighten up someone’s day, I recommend getting a personalized book and highly recommend The Book of Everyone!

One more thing I want to mention…

The packaging is so cute! It’s the cutest package I’ve gotten for a book or any product whatsoever. That’s it, I just loved it, and I’m pretty sure your loved one will too.

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