Smart Gift Ideas for Kids to Inspire Their Imaginations

Smart Gift Ideas for Gifted Children

Do your kids come up with interesting ideas? Have you ever watched them play and thought, “how did they come up with that?” Well, if you know a kid with a ton of potential, you can hone in on their interest with an intelligent gift for smart kids.

Need help figuring out where to start? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best smart gift ideas for kids. We have something for everyone. From kids that love robotics to inspiring little engineers that love to build, these gifts bring together creativity, problem-solving skills, and fun in one package.

An engaging game or puzzle can encourage children to think critically while also having a blast.


Smart Gift Ideas for Kids

Smart Gift Ideas for Gifted Kids

mBot Neo

mBot Neo

mBot Neo is a coding robot that your kids will put together, then interact with. It comes with clear, illustrated instructions an eight-year-old will have no problem putting together.

As they assemble it, they will learn about robotics and engineering–and this is just the first lesson. Once all put together, they will dive into a basic coding language called Scratch, built from the minds over at MIT.

What we love about mBot is that it’s great for beginners starting in robotics and coding and for more advanced users with different coding languages. This robot will grow with your kids!

Why Parents Love mBot Neo:
– Kids can learn to code while having fun
– An excellent introduction to robotics
– Clear instructions but also allows them the freedom to experiment with coding

mBot Neo is for ages 8 and up.

KiwiCo sits at the top of the best subscription boxes for kids. They have expanded throughout the years, offering something for everyone. No matter what your kids are interested in, see what KiwiCo offers.

They have a wide range of subscriptions for every age. One of their best is the Kiwi Crate for kids aged 5 to 8. With this, each month, you’ll receive STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, math, and art) projects designed to enrich your natural curiosity and creativity.

What’s in the box? It includes materials and projects crafted by childcare professionals and engineers. Each educational project is created, then tested with groups of kids from all backgrounds, which is how KiwiCo makes the best smart toys.

To get a better idea of everything KiwiCo offers, you can check out this detailed review of KiwiCo.

Why Parents Love KiwiCo:
– Parents and teachers tested with groups of kids to find the most engaging projects
– Tons of different options available, and you can find something for every interest
– You can cancel anytime or switch to another subject

KiwiCo is for ages 0 and up.

Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

An excellent game for kids that love puzzles and playing with other people, Gravity Maze is a combination of marble run and a logic game. With over 60 puzzle challenges, beginners and experts will play this game for hours.

For the first-time player, instructions are clear, and difficulty slowly ramps up as you progress to more challenges. It will keep kids and the entire family interested in more brain challenges!

Why Parents Love Gravity Maze Marble Run:
Perfect for a group of kids or family game nights
A screen-free puzzle thinking game
It scales up the difficulty so your kids won’t get bored

Gravity Maze Marble Run is for ages 8 and up.

Mel Science

Mel Science

Mel Science is another monthly subscription for kids like KiwiCo.They focus more on “hardcore” science for kids, with experiments and chemistry projects. If you have a kid that is crazy about science, this is the subscription for you!

Each month you’ll receive a box full of experiments. Included are detailed instructions along with video guides on their site.

Mel Science separates the subscription into categories by subject and age for just about anyone on your gift list. From coding, chemistry, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), and physics, it’s easy to find something they will love. Something new that no one is offering right now is Mel Med, a subscription for 14-year-olds and up. Projects include dentistry, surgery, pharmacy, and a lot more. For more details about everything included, read this review of Mel Science.

Why Parents Love Mel Science:
– For kids that are seriously interested in science
– Subscription grows with your family
– Mel Med focuses on teenagers and adults interested in medicine

Mel Science is for ages 4 and up.

Yellow Scope Chemistry Kits

Yellow Scope Chemistry Kits

Yellow Scope is science and chemistry for girls. They focus on getting young women interested in STEM projects through chemistry and experiments. It is not a monthly subscription. Instead, each project can be purchased separately, with a few to choose from.

Your daughters can choose from extracting DNA from fruit, stripping the colors out of a single color marker, or getting a well-rounded chemistry lesson from their foundation kit. Any of these science kits would make a great gift.

We love that there is no commitment and nothing to sign up for; just pick the box you think your daughter would be interested in the most, and if they enjoy that, grab another kit for more fun.

Why Parents Love Yellow Scope:
– No subscription is needed
– Encourages young women to explore science and chemistry
– Mix and match boxes to find the subjects that are the most interesting

Yellow Scope is for kids 8 to 14.



These magnetic tiles are perfect for little engineers that love to build. Kids can easily set magnets up, creating whatever they can think up. Parents love Magna-Tiles because you can clean an entire box off the floor in a minute or two.

Magna-Tiles offers a base 100-piece set with different shapes and sizes. They also offer multiple themes, including Arctic Animals, Metropolis Set, Jungle Animals, and many more. These themes are optional for core gameplay; they only enhance and add to the fun.

Why Parents Love Magna-Tiles:
– Easy for kids to start playing and quick to clean up
– Non-movable parts mean these magnets will last for years
– Kids play without any screen time

Magic tiles are becoming much like LEGOs, which are default toys for families with young kids. While Magna-Tiles are the name brand, most magnetic tiles are interchangeable and play well together.

Magna-Tiles is for kids 3 and up.

Green Kid Crafts

Green Kid Crafts

What do you get if you mash art and science? You get Green Kid Crafts, a monthly subscription that perfectly blends science with art. It’s truly one of the best STEAM subscription boxes. With your new box each month, you’ll receive activities focusing on science lessons, with a craft mixed in with the project.

These aren’t separate activities. They do a great job of blending art and science, so kids don’t even realize that they are learning; they are just having fun!

To see what’s in the boxes and get a better sense of what you’ll receive, check out this review of Green Kid Crafts.

Why Parents Love Green Kid Crafts:
– Perfect for kids interested in art and science
– Each month, you’ll receive multiple projects
– Siblings will work together

Green Kid Crafts is for kids 3 and up.

Snap Circuits

Snap Circuits

If you know a little tinker, Snap Circuits is for them. Kids can change and make new electrical configurations without cutting wire and solder on a board. Each piece from Snap Circuits easily clicks and snaps in place.

What is the appeal besides making lights, sounds, and a fan spin? Once your kids get comfortable with it and the rules of an electrical board, it’s really a puzzle game, but the skills they learn translate to real life.

If you think these electrical kits are a little too advanced, don’t worry. Snap Circuits walks you through everything with a dozen different configurations to practice before setting you off on your own.

Why Parents Love Snap Circuits:
– Learn how electrical circuits work safely
– Easy setup to more advanced configurations
– Once kids understand the basics, they can create new circuits with the parts provided

Snap Circuits is for kids 8 and up.

Take Apart Toys for Toddlers

Take Apart Toys for Toddlers

Here are some more exciting smart toys for toddlers. Instead of your child receiving a toy and playing with it, take-apart toys are satisfying because toddlers get to put them together and disassemble them over and over.

This dinosaur set is even better because it has a battery-operated drill for installing and removing plastic screws. The dinosaurs are movable once they are together, and kids can mix and match to keep the fun going!

Why Parents Love Take-Apart Toys:
– Improves fine motor skills in toddlers
– Kids can mix and match for added playtime
– Screen-free playtime while kids learn mechanical skills

What To Look For in a Smart Gift

It can be challenging to find the right gift for someone. Here are some things to keep in mind that can help to find the perfect gift.

Consider the Child

Giving a thoughtful gift is an art form. Rather than opting for the same uninspired present everyone else is giving, you can provide them with something extraordinary and meaningful. The first step in getting a smart gift is to consider the person you are buying for.

Think about what makes them unique – their hobbies, interests, passions, and favorite things. Are they into electronics and figuring out how to put small things together? Do they prefer practical items or more creative gifts? Knowing who they are as an individual will help you choose the perfect one!

Age Appropriate

Some smart gifts are so interesting that we as parents get excited thinking about our kids’ reaction when they see it – we’ve all been there! We need to remember to get a suitable toy for their age now.

Purchasing a toy that is out of your kids’ age range will only bring frustration. They won’t be interested, and we’ll feel like we wasted time and money on what could’ve been a great toy.

Challenge Them

In many ways, a smart gift can seem intimidating. But this might be us thinking about how we would react to something new and challenging. Remember, kids’ minds are receptive to new challenges and excited to learn new things.

Some smart toys seem too much for them, but they may be the right amount of challenge.

These are just a few things to remember while looking for smart gifts and toys. If it’s a gift for a special event that is coming up and you don’t know the child well, reach out to their parents for suggestions.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, giving kids the right gifts can make a huge difference in their development. From educational toys to creative games, there are plenty of smart gift ideas for children that will help them grow and learn.

With these smart gift ideas, parents can show that they really care about their kids’ development and well-being!

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