Trendy Gifts for Kids who Love Disney

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Are your Kids obsessed with Disney? For instance, watching every single Disney movie, singing every single Disney song, and can’t simply let it go. Here are some of the best Disney gifts for kids that won’t disappoint. The following list will be particularly for children. If you are interested in Disney Gifts for adults or teenagers, you might want to check out Disney Gifts for Adults.

Disney Watches

We know all Disney-loving children love Mickey and Minnie Mouse. So, if it’s time for them to have their first watch, why not get the one with none other than Disney’s iconic duo.

Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On

A gift for the future pilot of the family! With a delightful Mickey Mouse songs and a realistic landing and take-off sounds, your child will enjoy every single minute of the ride.

Disney Princess Dress Up

Playing dress up is fun for every little girl, but playing dress up as their favorite Disney Princess is fun on a whole new level. The dresses also comes with other cute accessories (3 bracelets, 3 rings, 1 necklace, 1 sticker sheet, 1 choker, 3 headbands and 1 tiara) Talk about an ideal gift for a dress up fan.

Disney Baby Bath Squirt Toys

How to turn bath time into a fun loving activity? Easy, just have their favorite Disney characters to accompany them.

The Little Mermaid

Finding Nemo

Mickey Mouse

Minnie Mouse

Hot Dog Rockin’ Mickey

Yep, you guessed it, he sings the “Hot Dog” song! But that’s not all he does, he also says lots of funny phrases and makes lots of silly sounds! Children will love it! He’ll definitely be their new buddy!

Cute Stitch Plushies

Cuteness level overload! The following plushies will make a wonderful gift for any Lilo & Stitch fan. Moreover, just like Lilo, they definitely need their own Stitch.

Cool Disney Headphones

Now if you’re planning on getting a headphone and your child is a huge Disney fan, then I’m pretty sure the following choices won’t disappoint.

Disney’s Aladdin 9-Piece Tea Set

An Arabian-style tea party! Sounds like a dream to every Aladin fan. Why not make this dream come true and get them the magical tea set. It sure is one of a kind!

Cuddly Disney Plushes

The cuddle buddies they didn’t know they needed! Surprise them with these iconic cuddly characters. They’ll love it!

Minnie Helpers Fun Items

Children love to play pretend and Disney fans are no exception. It doesn’t matter if they want to help out Minnie over the phone, go on a shopping adventure, or squeaky clean the living room, the following items from Minnie Helpers will be nothing but tremendous fun!

 Rotary Phone

Bowtique Shopping Cart

Sparkle N’ Clean Vacuum

Awesome Disney Pop-Up Books

Say goodbye to TV and Tablets and hello to reading books but with the same experiences! With these Disney Pop-Up Books, your child will be transfixed!

Disney Remote Control Cars

With an easy to operate remote control, this toy will surely be your child’s favorite. They’ll be able to drive their favorite character around for a thrilling ride! whether it’s Mickey, Minnie or Woody, it’ll definitely be a fun adventure.

Disney Styling Head

For the little stylist at home. Children will enjoy styling their favorite Disney characters with endless possibilities. They can also have fun using the styling accessories in their own hair!

Disney Play-Doh

It’s time to get creative! That’s the beauty of Play-Doh, it really gives kids the opportunity to get creative to let their imagination run wild. If your child into art and loves getting creative, check out more gift ideas for crafty children.

Disney Legos

Allow your kids to recreate their favorite Disney movies! And what’s a better way to do that than with Legos!

Disney Alarm Clock

How cute are these Disney Alarm Clock? I’m pretty sure all Disney fans would want their first alarm clock to be a Disney alarm clock. Retro or digital, these alarm clocks are super cute, they’ll instantly love it!

Glow in the Dark Genie

Now, those Genies are really cute for any nightstand, they will make the perfect gift for any Disney fan and an even better gift for an Aladdin fan.

Disney School Bags

School is much more fun when they have their favorite school bags! Any Disney-loving child will adore the following bags; it’s definitely something to brag about in school.

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