Trendy Gifts for Kids Who Love Art & Crafts

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Art and Crafts are super important for child development. It can be one of the best ways for a child to develop and improve their learning skills. Get them a gift in which they could explore their talents and expand their imagination through fun and games! Nothing beats a fun DIY activity with your kids.

Dream Catchers

Creating a dream catcher is a dream by itself. With tons of strings, pins, ribbon, and beads, they will be able to create unique pieces they will forever be proud of.

Fun Weaving Kit

The Art of Weaving will take crafting to a whole new level. The sets come with easy-to-follow instructions allowing them to create endless works of art. In other words, a great gift for crafty children,

Decorate Your Own Bottle

Now, what’s a better way to show off than showing off your own decorated bottle. Surprise them with this cool gift, and make sure your child has a unique water bottle in the world!

Jewelry Making Kits

A dream come true for every crafty girl. With these Jewelry Making Kits, your child can create one-of-a-kind jewelry they’ll love. To sum it up, there will be no more boredom!

Shrinky Dinks

Talk about a fun indoor activity! After coloring the cute little figurines, you could place them in the oven to shrink and harden for beautiful results. They are made of a special thin, flexible plastic that shrinks and hardens when heated in an oven without altering their color or shape. Reconnect the figurines with their stands for the ultimate decoration.

Fun Sewing Kit

The perfect gift for sewing fans out there, or it could also be a lovely way to introduce sewing to your child! The kit includes a guide to get you started the right way and make sewing a fun experience.

Sew N’ Style Sewing Machine

Here’s to taking the sewing game to a whole new level. The box contains 2 Sheets of Glitter Fabric, 2 Cool Maker Pre-Cut Projects, 1 Sheet of Cool Maker Felt Fabric, 3 Cool Maker Decorative Fabric Pieces, 1 Page of Pop-Out Patterns, 1 Pom Pom Maker Attachment, 1 Bag of Stuffing, 1 Bundle of Ribbon, 1 Bundle of Style String, 1 Bundle of Pom Pom Yarn, and 1 Playbook. In conclusion, the perfect gift for an aspiring designer.

DIY 3D Painting

Painting on paper is one thing, but painting on a 3D figure is another. Seeing their art come to life will be an awesome experience for any young artist.

Drawing Stencils

This famous stencil kit for kids is now updated with a stunning new design. The cute storage box now includes 24 reusable stencils, 12 colored pencils, a sketch pad, four fine markers, a sharpener, a ruler, and a pair of safety scissors are now included. It will also be suitable for travel, making sure your child will never get bored anywhere.

Make a Bunny Friend

Make the cutest little friend ever. Your child will fall in love with their new bunny pal while learning new crafting skills and using their imagination! It is made in a way that will be fun and easy to complete. In short, a gift they will forever cherish.

Mini Bake Shop

Baking can be fun, but on the other hand, you do not want to bake something every day. For this reason, the mini Bake Shop will be an ideal gift for the little baker at home. Your child will have the opportunity to create Donuts, Cookies, Macarons, Cupcakes, Cinnamon buns, or Cakes with endless decoration, thus improving their decorating skills!

Interior Design Sketch Book

With 40 pages of concept sheets and 100+ furniture and accessory stencils to help design trendy rooms, your child will be a professional Interior Designer! In addition to this, the sketchbook also includes four pages of instructions to help develop your child’s drawing skills.

DIY Space Night Lamp

Create an awesome Space Night Lamp from scratch! It is both fun and educational and will make your child feel like the next great inventor!

Creative Fashion Studio

Does your child dream of becoming a fashion designer? Well, in this case, I don’t see a better gift than the ultimate fashion designer kit. In other words, it’s a dream come true!

Play-Doh DohVinci Deluxe Styler

Your child will turn into a 3D designer with the DohVinci Deluxe Styler! This easy-to-use Styler comes with 3 Deco Pop tubes and 4 design tips so your child can create all kinds of beautiful details in different colors. Ideal for Christmas decorations or Mason Jars.

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