Alicia Keys’ Home Must-Haves

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Alicia Keys has shared her Home Must-Haves, and we are Here For It! The 15-times Grammy Winner teamed up with Amazon to reveal her Home Decor Must-Haves, including modern furniture, drinkware, kitchen appliances, pet supplies, and other rare accessories.

Alicia Keys’ Home must be so Elegant and Dreamy, and the best part is Fans can now get inspired to shop the same! I can imagine that just a few of the following items on the list can transform your entire home into a modern nest of comfort.

“Like Music, interior design is a form of self-expression. Amazon Home has everything – from decor and furniture to cookware and organization- to bring your personality and creativity to life and transform any space into your home.” – Alicia Keys.

In addition to this, the “No one” singer joined Amazon Home to help with the ‘Hometown Hero’ project by transforming a special education teacher’s home into a dream home. And trust me, nothing is more satisfying than a give back to those who deserve it!

You can check out her story and as well as all of Alicia Keys’ home must-haves Here for the ultimate inspiration.

Moreover, check out our top picks below, which could also make Perfect Gifts not just for Alicia Keys’ Fans but also for Newly-Weds, Move-Ins, or Mother’s day!

Ceramic Planters Decorative Bowls

They are unique, modern, and multi-use. It doesn’t matter what you place in or where you place it; it’ll always be an eyecatcher!

Cotton Throw Blanket

Throw blankets never disappoint as a gift, for not only are they comfy, but they also give a chic look to the living room or bedroom.

Luxury Towel Set

If you are looking for the perfect gift for newlyweds, this luxury hotel and Spa Towel set will do the trick! I’m not surprised Alicia Keys added it to her home must-haves!

Modern Copper Stemless Wine Glasses

These are so beautifully designed it’s impossible not to fall in love with them immediately. They are perfect for friends’ gatherings or movie nights! In addition to this, they’ll always make great gifts.

Retro Style Aesthetic Electric Kettle

The Retro design and trendy colors alone will win your heart. This Aesthetic Kettle will add elegance and refinement to your kitchen while generating a quiet, warm, and inviting vibe.

KitchenAid Stand Mixer

Looking for the perfect mother’s day gift? How about the KitchenAid Stand mixer? They will make an ideal gift for the mom who enjoys cooking, baking, or just trying out something new!

Food Storage Containers

Ideal for the Organizer in your life! They are perfect for preserving cookies, flour, tea, coffee, herbs, or spices. Besides being beautifully designed, the smooth bamboo lid will keep the air and moisture out, thus keeping your food inside dry and fresh.

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Spiked Metal Wall Sculpture Set

Looking for peculiar home decor? This uniquely designed wall sculpture will stand out in every room. Who wouldn’t love a home decor that looks like Metallic Dandelions?

Orbit Glass Décor Ball

No doubt, Alicia Keys has a good eye for unique home decor. I mean, this hand-made decorative knot is beyond amazing. Talk about adding a contemporary, mid-century modern touch to your home decor or office space.

Modern Table Lamp

It will make a beautiful gift for newlyweds or move-ins, for its contemporary design is modern and simple yet visually fascinating enough to brighten up any space.

Vanity Fair 100 Years

This book is pure gold for history buffs or pop culture fans. With over 450 pages, ‘Vanity Fair 100 Years’ covers a decade-by-decade look at the World of art and personality. As well as describing historical events in the form of visual storytelling. Besides, it’ll look beautiful in your living room, and it’s a perfect conversation starter.

Bamboo Soap Dish

It is so beautiful it’ll make your bathroom look like a luxurious Spa. In addition to this, it’ll keep your soap dry, fresh, and non-sticky, thanks to the natural bamboo fiber!

Ceramic Dog & Cat Bowl

It looks like Alicia Keys has picked the cutest high-quality ceramic Bowl for her dog, Samba. It is made out of 100% porcelain ceramic and natural wood free of lead and cadmium. Yes, because our pets deserve only the best!

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Outdoor Dog Chaise Bed

Comfortable, luxurious, and yep, it has a shade. Now your dog can have a comfy place to rest outside, even on hot summer days! Isn’t it the perfect gift for your dog!

And there you have it! Our picks from Alicia Keys’ Home Must-Haves, which I believe would make great gifts! You can check out all of Alicia Key’s Home Must-Haves Here for more inspirations and Gift Ideas!

Alicia Keys' Home Must-Haves - Gift Ideas
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