Best Gifts for the Friend who is obsessed with F.r.i.e.n.d.s

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Do you know an obsessed ‘Friends’ fan who just can’t get enough of the quotes, the songs, and has tons of stickers and posters? If that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place. In here, you will find everything Friends-related! Pick out the best gift and show them that you’ll be there for them!

The one with the Keychain

Get them the Yellow Peephole Handmade Door Frame as seen on Monica’s door! Any “Friends” fan will love this Keychain!

The one with the Throw Pillows

They are comfy, pretty, and most of all nostalgic. A gift that will pay tribute to the most iconic series ever created.

The one with the Awesome Blanket

What a better way to enjoy Friends TV Show than under a cozy blanket; how about under a Friends-themed blanket to make it even better! I wouldn’t recommend a cozier gift for any Friends fan.

The one with the Turkey head

What do a detangling brush, a shower cap, a plush, and a Halloween mask have in common? They are all Turkey heads! Relive the iconic moment of your favorite TV show by having all the ‘Turkey Heads’!

The one with the Refrigerator Magnet

Allow your fridge to remind you of your favorite TV show. That is to say, filled with all the show’s characters, iconic quotes, and sayings.

The one with the Cute Plushes

This makes a perfect gift for a “Friends” fan and a dog parent! Talk about a double hit; let’s hope they share it with the dog!

The one with the Wooden Spoons

These cooking utensils are just super cute. In addition to this, they are also unique and Eco-friendly!

The one with the Awesome Mugs

Now you can feel like you’re having coffee at Central Perk with Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross! Besides being the perfect gift for a ‘Friends’ fan, they also make great gifts for family members, co-workers, or the special someone in your life.

The one with the Cosmetic Bag

These are definitely the cosmetic bag they didn’t know they needed. With its cute and funny theme combination, it would be a perfect conversation starter and a mood brightener!

The one with the Trivia Quiz Card Games

Maybe it’s time you put your ‘Friends Fanatic’ friend to the test! Are they a true fan or a bandwagon fan? Bring out the Trivia card game and find out who is the biggest super fan!

The one with the Cool Tee shirts

Having a ‘Friends Tee Shirt’ means having great taste in fashion – or should I say great taste in TV shows! I guess it’s both. For this reason, I don’t see why the following Tee shirts won’t make a great gift to a ‘Friends’ fan.

The one with the Ultimate Pack

The following goodie bags contain a pillowcase, a keychain,50 pcs Friends stickers, button pins, phone holder, and much more. It’s always fun to give multiple gifts at the same time, for each item will create a cute little moment on its own!

The one with the Backpack

This backpack does not only look good but it also super practical. It is big enough to carry books, iPad, or MacBooks but small enough to be used as an everyday bag!

The one with the Eyeshadow Palette

I know you know they’ll love it! Hands down, this has to be the prettiest Palette out there. With this cute packaging and tons of shade, it will never disappoint a ‘Friends’ fan.

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