Best Trendy Gifts for Tweens (Girls)

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Here are some Gift Ideas for Tween Girls. They are ideal for Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or any other special day and holiday. If you thought finding the right gift for a teenager was hard, well it is not any easier with a tween! Let’s hope the following ideas are cute or trendy enough!

Novelty Handbags

The time will come when they will ask for their first handbag! But when the time comes, make sure it’s not a boring bag! Tween girls will love novelty bags, and I’m pretty sure the following won’t disappoint. 

Cosmetic Accessories

The Ideal Gifts for a 13th Birthday! A cute makeup bag or a compact mirror with a sweet note will definitely make a fun gift for all tweens. Adding a Disney Princesses Lip Balm to the mix will be a plus! 

Essentially Charli : The Ultimate Guide to Keeping it Real

Everyone knows Charli as the beloved TikTok personality to surpass 100 million followers at the tender age of 16! In her new book, she shares her journey for success and other intimate details of her life; this includes how she overcame obstacles and remained optimistic in the face of cyberbullying. The book will make an exceptional gift for any tween who loves TikTok and looks up to Charli as a role model. 

Trendy smoothy Cup

These trendy and ECO-friendly cups will make an adorable gift! The best part is, they come with a cute reusable straw and a cleaning brush! Ideal for Smoothies, Milkshakes, or Frappuccinos. 

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

This will make a great gift for any aspiring singer. So why not surprise her with this trendy Karaoke Microphone compatible with various singing applications to boost her singing skills!

Duo LED Phone Case – Front & Back LED Lighting

Is this the coolest Phone Case or what? The Selfie lighting will be a dream come true for every tween girl. Besides, it also comes in cute trendy colors. The perfect gift for the aspiring influencer!

Make-up & Hair Design Sketch Portfolio

Ideal for the creative tween who enjoys sketching, and would love to be a makeup artist! The Sketchbook comes with 40 formatted drawing pages, stickers, 4 plastic stencils sheets, and over 100 shapes. This will allow young artists to apply and experiment with Make-Up & Hairstyles on the Sketchbook’s models. They’ll love it!

Funny Plush Bunny Hat Ear

This Cute and Trendy Bunny Hat Ear would definitely make a fun gift! The Bunny’s ears will pop up when you press its paws, and that’s just adorable.

Jojo Siwa Tie Dye Sweatshirt / Zip-up Hoodie

Not sure what sort of gift to get your little fashionista? How about the Trendy outfits from Jojo Siwa. They are just as cute as they are comfy. They will make an outstanding gift for any Jojo Siwa fan.

Trendy Fun Stickers

The following trendy stickers can be placed anywhere from keyboards to phones or anywhere across the room! They are cute, trendy, and guarantee no room for disappointment. 

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Unicorn Light-up Slippers for Tween girls

These are perfect for girls who love unicorns! That’s not all, for these slippers are not just cute; they also light up! They’re uniquely equipped with LED lights to impress & brighten up the mood! 

Crunchcup – Cereal on the Go

A tween who is also a Cereal fan? Cereal can also be portable now – on the go, school, or even a road trip! They are interesting, funny and make a cool gift. 

Milktea Pen/Pencil Holder

Hands down, the cutest pen and pencil holder there is. It even has a little pin straw popping out! A gift is just as practical as it is cute. 

World’s tiniest Polaroid Camera

No, a keychain is not a boring gift, especially when it’s super cute as the one below. It even makes a sound just like a retro polaroid camera! An ideal gift for an aspiring photographer or Instagram lover!

Rabit Headphone Splitter

Hello, music lovers! What a great (and cute) way to listen to the same song at the same time. With this fun little headphone splitter, you can finally enjoy the full music experience on the train, bus, or during a walk with your bestie!

Go Glam Nail Stamper

The perfect gift for the girly girl in your family. It’s time to show their talent by matching watermelon prints, unicorns prints, paw prints, and much more. Allow them to create salon-quality manicures at home and have tremendous fun with their friends! 

Big Hugging Pillow Plush

They are just soft, comfortable, and perfect for cuddling and hugging! Should I say more? Surprise them with a cuddly gift they’d treasure for life!

Roller Skate

These cute Derby Girl  These inline skates are suitable for both beginners and advanced skaters. The tough, rugged style is designed to withstand all types of skating. They’re easy to put on thanks to a strong top buckle and no-tie laces. In addition to this, Urethane wheels have the right grip and bounce for rinks, floors, sidewalks, and pavement. A cute gift to develop skills and maintain a healthy active lifestyle. 

80s Cassette Tape Earrings

Get the 3 Pairs Retro Cassette Tape Earrings for your little fashionista! They come in 3 different colors: silver, gold, and purple-red, which are perfect to match various clothes and styles.

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