Best Trendy Gifts for Hardcore Gamers

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We all know Hardcore gamers, and we know how important gaming items & gadgets will mean to them. For this reason, why not surprise the hardcore gamer in your life with one of those amazing gadgets. They will make the perfect gift for a gamer Boyfriend, Husband, Brother, or perhaps the Gamer Girl in your life. The following items will make the best gifts for Birthdays, Christmas, or Valentines.

Oculus Quest All-in-one VR Gaming Headset

Here’s to taking the gaming experience to a whole new level. There is no need for a PC or any gaming consoles; all you have to do is open the box, set up with the smartphone app, and jump into VR! With this cool gadget, you can discover both new and old favorites from the vast Quest content library.

Bluetooth Multi-Compatible Controllers

The following controllers are compatible with almost all gaming devices and gaming services such as PC Windows, PS, Switch, Tablets, Androids, Apple Products, as well as Amazon’s cloud gaming service. Hence, exactly what a Hardcore Gamer will need.

Luna (Amazon, Windows PC, Mac, phone, tablet games)

SteelSeries Nimbus (iOS, iPad, tvOS)

8Bitdo Sn30 Pro+ (Switch, PC, macOS, Android, Steam and Raspberry Pi)

EasySMX (PC and PS3, Android, Vista, TV Box)

Forty4 (PC Windows 7/8/10, PS3, Switch)

Rotor Riot (Apple devices running iOS 7 or later)

Wireless Gaming Headset

We all know how important it is for gamers to have a gaming headset. How about a Wireless, noise-canceling headset? I’m pretty sure they’ll love it.


HyperX (PC)

Soulion 2.4G (PC, NS and PS5)

Massage Gaming Chair

If they are going to be hardcore gaming, then they might as well do it comfortably. And in this case, nothing beats the Gaming Chair with a built-in Massage System! Ok, this might get too comfortable.

Cool Wireless Gaming Mice

Are these the coolest wireless mice out there or what? Even though they’d make an awesome gift for Marvel fans, I’m pretty sure a hardcore gamer will also love it!

Gaming Desk with Cup Holder and Headphone Hook

The following Gaming Desks are uniquely designed to create a dreamy and engaging experience for all hardcore gamers. Besides serving as a multi-functional workstation, it will also give the room a modern and aesthetic look all gamers will love!

Awesome LED Mouse Pads

All Gamers who use a mouse know the struggle of having a terrible mouse pad. For this reason, having the perfect mouse pads like the following will be every hardcore gamer’s dream come true! It is designed to avoid being slippery and in a way that the mouse can move smoothly. Furthermore, they come in 7 built-in backlight colors, which are undeniably cool.

Ring Fit Adventure – Nintendo Switch

Instead of sitting down all day while gaming, it’s time to spice things up a little bit. With that said, nothing beats the Ring Fit Adventure from Nintendo, which is a combination of both gaming and workout. Talk about a healthy approach to gaming.

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