Best Trendy Gifts Gamers Can’t Resist

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The following trendy items are either amazing, to-die-for, or just straightforward cute. If you see otherwise, then you simply have no eye for the beauty of gaming.

Are you looking for a gift for your Gamer friend? Here are some ‘Gamer Gift Ideas’ for your ‘Gamer Girl’ friend or your ‘Geek buddy’ who can’t stop playing video games, computer games, or get the latest cool gadgets! Gamers are often proud to show off their love for gaming with a Gamer room, Gamer Decor, or Gaming Art all over the place. For this reason, I’m pretty sure the following gift ideas won’t disappoint.

Piranha Slippers

Hands down, this could be the greatest slipper ever made. I just love the way it sits on the pipe holder, making it look like the actual piranha from Mario. I don’t know about you, but gamers will absolutely love it!

Bluetooth speakers – controller

Meet the bluetooth speakers which are designed to look like a controller. This fits perfectly in a gamer’s room. A tasteful gift.

Fun fridge Magnet

What I really love about these thin magnets, is that it changes the entire look of the kitchen. Besides being cool and trendy, it can also be used as a whiteboard which washes right off!

Gameboy luggage cover

With a luggage like that, everyone will know you are a gamer. Well, gamers are also proud to be known as gamers, so this is basically a great gift.

Super Mario Bros Thermo effect Mug

Watch your Mug comes to life! Pour your coffee or hot chocolate and enjoy the awesome scenery. Nostalgic images such as coins, enemies, clouds, and Mario himself will appear!

Cute throw pillows

Not all gamers are video gamers, some also love board games!

Gamers won’t quit because Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Yes, I also wouldn’t want to mess with a gamer during “Gaming mode”

‘Among Us’ Backpack

Ok, maybe not all gamers will go crazy for this one. However, I can guarantee that an “among us” fan will definitely love this as a gift!

Welcome Doormat

You mean your gamer friend doesn’t have the following doormat? These are exactly the type of doormat a gamer would need.

Trendy Gamer Girl Purse

Gamer girl or not, these purses are super chic! Whether retro Gameboy or a PS controller, you have to admit these are pretty cool!

Personalized Gaming clock

Personalize your clock for your gaming room, oh I meant your gaming den. This makes a great addition to a gamer’s den and an even better gift!

Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2020

A Book for all the awesome trivia, interesting information, and the ultimate gaming guide. Suitable for all ages, I can’t recommend it enough.

Tetris Night Light

The fun part about this is you can build and stack them up just the way you want. It glows with every single piece you build, thus making it super fun and dreamy.

NES Cartridge Coasters

Protect your surfaces with the best iconic video games ever made. A coaster like no other! A conversation starter during gatherings & brings old-school vibes to 2021.

Pipe Foam Can Cooler

So wholesomely designed as if pulled right out of Super Mario Bros. To be honest I haven’t seen a any can cooler cooler as this one.

Gameboy Digital Watch

Not only is it designed to look like the iconic retro Gameboy, but it also has the Super Mario Land Theme Tune as an alarm. How cool is that!

Funny Gamer Door Sign

Here are some door signs every gamer needs. These are the kind of gifts your gamer friend will truly appreciate.

Joystick Vinyl Sticker

Sometimes a simple sticker could transform an ordinary room into an amazing gaming den. The following sticker is the perfect example and makes an awesome gift, especially for hardcore gamers.

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