Super Mario Gifts for Adults that are Awesome

Super Mario Gifts for Adults

Are you looking to find the best Super Mario Bros Gift Ideas for the ultimate fan of the classic?

You’ve come to the right place if you are looking for some excellent and practical Super Mario gifts for adults. The entertaining and challenging video game has stolen the hearts of millions of kids and adults alike with its characters, the various challenges, and, of course, the running and jumping movements, thus primarily responsible for its widespread global fame.

Without further ado, let’s dig into today’s fun post with some of the best Super Mario Gift Ideas for adults. We’ve compiled some of the best to ensure your loved ones will appreciate it! 


Best Super Mario Gifts for Adults

Awesome Super Mario Gifts for Adults

Super Mario Bros. Fridge Magnets

If they're huge fans of Super Mario, they will also enjoy the Mario Bros fridge magnets. They will be able to design Mario levels and construct their own Mushroom Kingdom with the help of these magnet pieces. It features all of Super Mario's iconic symbols and characters, from Luigi, the turtles, and fire flowers to coins, brick platforms, and sewer tunnels. Talk about a simple yet joyful gift idea!

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Mario & Friends Wine Glasses

Fans of Mario who are adults can rejoice: this is something they can fall in love with! These Mario and friends’ wine glasses are a lot of fun to use and serve a beneficial purpose.

They’ll be surprised at the designs of these wine glasses with such detail and uniqueness!

It’s an excellent gift idea for collectors, as well as huge fans of Super Mario Brothers.

Mario Sweatshirt

A Mario Sweatshirt will make a fun gift idea any adult would love to receive. It is a perfect birthday gift for that special someone who loves the classic character.

It’s a warm, comfy sweatshirt with running Mario to boost their moods. It’s also handmade, making it high quality and unique for your adult Mario fan!

Mario Coin Box

A Mario Coin Box will make a charming gift idea, especially if they have small items to store. Talk about the perfect box to store fun gaming items! A bonus point if you add some Mario items, such as character plushies, for the ultimate fun gift idea!

Piranha Funny Slippers

Cute, comfy, and the only slippers an adult Mario fan should have. Not only does it make a fun slipper for gamers but also a unique decor for any room! I must say this one takes the cake when it comes to unique gift ideas!

Pipe Pen Holder

This Mario Pipe Pen Holder is a creative gift for those who love Super Mario and its iconic world. This pipe pen holder is the perfect gift for adults looking for something cool and unique.

The funny pipe can hold pens, pencils, markers, or even makeup! Now that’s practical for adults, teens, or college students.

Heat Changing Mario Mug

You can never go wrong with a mug, but a Heat Changing Ceramic Mug will stand out from the rest. When cold, you can only see a plain and dark Mario Background; when hot, your loved ones will be hit by the nostalgic background and characters, including Mario himself, thus putting a smile on their faces.

Super Mario Kart

A gift idea that's perfect for the adult Mario Fan but who is also a kid at heart. This remote-controlled Mario Kart car is another cool Mario-themed gift idea that isn't a video game. The car works like any other remote-controlled car, but it also has some fun tricks, like being able to balance on its back wheels and spin to hover above the ground. Sometimes a fun gag gift is all you need to make their day brighter!

Super Mario Mini Night Light

The only Night Light a Mario Fan should have! The question block is one of the most well-known parts of Mario's world; for this reason, this night light won't disappoint. It even makes the famous game sound when you turn it on and off. This block light is unique and well-thought-out; they can use it as a nightlight and an excellent decoration on a table or desk. It would be great for people who like video games, Nintendo, and Super Mario, so keep it in mind for upcoming holidays, birthdays, and other events.

Mario Bluetooth Speaker

Check this Bluetooth Speaker out! The best part is that you can’t tell it’s a speaker. Everyone will think it’s a Mario figure, and then Bam! Here comes music! This Super Mario Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent gift for any Mario fan as it’s a great addition to any room, and they can also use it as a Boom Box.

Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Although it seems perfect for decorating a kid's room, it is not limited to that. I bet they are also ideal for a man's cave! Super Mario's world is fun for people of all ages, so imagine if an adult fan could decorate their room with bricks, coins, pipes, stars, the famous yellow question marks, and even the classic characters. Well, that can happen with these easy-to-use wall decals that you peel and stick.

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Piranha Table Lamp

Mario Plant Lamp is a table lamp designed to resemble the iconic Piranha Plant from the classic game. It’s the coolest reading light out there for any Mario Fan. I can’t see a cooler table light for their bedside. Therefore it makes it an excellent gift for the adult Mario fanatic in your life.

Super Mario Beanie

Everyone loves a Beanie, but a Super Mario fan will adore this beanie; they'll never take it off! Besides being super practical for the winter, it'll make great stocking stuffers this Christmas and put a smile on any Super Mario fan's face.

Mario and Luigi Pop Fidget

Everyone loves Pop Fidgets, from kids to teens and adults alike. For this reason, getting a Mario and Luigi pop fidget as a gift for an adult will not be a bad idea. Remember, they are excellent stress relievers and perfect stocking stuffers for fans of the global gaming phenomenon.

Personalized Super Mario Gifts for Adults

Personalized gifts are taking your gift to a whole new level. For this reason, I had to add some personalized Super Mario Gifts for adults to surprise your loved ones with an even special gift.

Personalized gifts are especially great for close friends and family; it makes a gift more unique and heartwarming.

Super Mario Custom Pillow

They will love this new throw pillow! I mean, it’s unique, hilarious, and a conversation starter. I bet they will forever remember your effort to come up with such a great gift idea. Meanwhile, you can do it with some simple clicks on Etsy, wink wink

Personalized Wall Decal

Here's a gift you can customize to bring the super Mario nostalgic theme and add their name to it. It may be perfect for a kid's room, but it won't disappoint any adult Super Mario fan. They can place it anywhere from bedroom to mancave or even the living room. A true fan will love it!

Cute Mario Keychain

Mario is one of the most popular video game characters of all time. It’s not surprising that many adults still love him even after all these years. Now, you can customize a Mario Keychain and show loyalty to the Italian plumber with this cute and excellent gift.

They will love everything about it as it’ll stand out in any purse, backpack, or car key.

Couple Poster/Canvas

Do you know a couple who are also hardcore Mario fans? If so, the following gift idea will make the perfect engagement or wedding gift. They will love this wall art and place it in their living room for everyone to see. Talk about a unique and memorable gift idea!

There you have it, some of the best Super Mario Gift Ideas for Adults.

Super Mario’s world is fun, with action-packed games, well-known characters, and fantastic products that fans of all ages can enjoy; therefore, I’m pretty sure an adult Mario fan will love the gift ideas on this list.

Let your gift stand out from the rest and surprise an adult Mario fan with one of these wonderful gift ideas. Surprise your loved ones for their birthday, Christmas, or even valentine’s day with the perfect gift idea.

This Post is all about finding the Best Super Mario Gifts for Adults

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