Birthday Party Ideas for Teens They’ll Appreciate

Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

With so many fun birthday party ideas for teens, it can be tough to choose the right one. But don’t worry, we’ve got some great ideas for you. Let’s dive into some unique and fun ideas your teen will love and always remember.


How to Throw the Best Birthday Party for Teens

1. DIY Photo Booth

One of teens’ most popular birthday party ideas is to set up a DIY photo booth. You only need a few props, fun backdrops, and a selfie stick. Then, let your teen and their friends take turns snapping photos of themselves.

Teens love sharing pictures on social media, giving them something to post about long after the party. If they shared your party idea on social media, you should pat yourself on the shoulder for a photo booth well done.

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of those awesome outdoor birthday party ideas for teens that they’ll love. Hide some fun prizes around your yard or neighborhood and let your teen and their friends go on an adventure.

You can make the scavenger hunt as straightforward or complicated as possible. Just be sure to hide the prizes well, so they must search for them.

3. Movie Night

Host a movie night for a low-key birthday party idea your teen will enjoy. Set up a popcorn bar with all the fixings, cozy blankets, and pillows. Then let your teen and their friends pick out their favorite movie to watch.

This is an excellent option to keep the party small and intimate. Plus, it’s an easy way to make sure everyone has a good time.

4. Karaoke Party

Is your teen the next American Idol? Throw a karaoke party to find out!

Set up a karaoke machine in your living room and let your teen and their friends belt out their favorite songs. You can even make it a competition and award prizes for the best performance, the most creative song choice, etc. Talk about a memorable evening!

Here are some Karaoke Supplies for your party.

Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke Background

Karaoke Background

Disco Ball

Disco Ball

5. Spa Party

A spa party is one of those 16th birthday party ideas that will kickstart teenage years as nothing else can. Teens love to get pampered, and this party focuses on that.

Shell out a few bucks to take your daughter and her friends to a local spa for some mani/pedis, massages, and facials. Then, head home for some light refreshments and relaxation. It’ll make a fabulous sweet sixteen birthday party idea.

6. Organize a Pool Party

Is it summertime and your teen’s birthday is quickly approaching? A pool party is a perfect way to celebrate; you don’t need a pool in your backyard to have this type of teenage party.

Many community pools will allow you to rent a section for a few hours. Just be sure to call ahead. If you can’t do that, try renting out the pool at a hotel or water park.

Your teen and their friends will love cooling off in the pool, and you’ll love not having to worry about clean-up.

7. Bowling Party

For a slightly more active birthday party idea, go bowling. Bowling is always a hit with teen guys, girls, or teenage tomboys. Even parents will enjoy this activity.

Rent a lane at your local bowling alley and let your teen and their friends bowl the night away. You can even keep score and award prizes for the highest scorer, the most gutter balls, etc.

8. Rent a Party Bus

Does anything say party like a party bus? We think not.

Rent a party bus for a truly unique and memorable birthday party experience. You can find them for a relatively low price, and they’ll come complete with a sound system, disco lights, and plenty of room to dance.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about your teen and their friends drinking and driving. The party bus can take them wherever they want and pick them up when the night is over.

9. Throw a Make Your Own Pizza Party

Pizza is always a hit with teens, so why not make it the show’s star? Set up a pizza bar with all the toppings your teen and their friends could want for this birthday party idea. Then, let them get creative and make their pizzas.

You can even have a contest to see who can make the most exciting pizza.

Check out these supplies for Pizza Party!

Pizza Maker

Pizza Maker

Pizza Party Supplies Pack

Pizza Party Supplies Pack

Funny Pizza Hat

Funny Pizza Hat

10. Roller Skating Party

Remember how much fun you had roller skating when you were a kid? Well, your teen will love it too.

Rent out a local roller skating rink for a few hours and let your teen and their friends skate to their heart’s content. You can even play fun games like musical chairs on skates or have skate races.

11. Beach Party

A little fun in the sun is always a good idea. So, why not throw your teen a beach party? If you live near the beach, great. If not, no problem. You can always find a local lake or river to hang out.

Go with the beach theme by making sandcastles, playing beach volleyball, or even going for a swim.

12. Arcade Party

Arcades are still a thing, and your teen will love them!

Take your teen along with their friends to a local arcade for this birthday party idea. They can play all their favorite games, and you won’t have to worry about anyone breaking anything in your house.

To sweeten the deal, you can give out prizes for the highest score from each game. Get ready for “Retro Party” hashtags on social media the next day.

13. Ride All the Rides at a Local Amusement Park

Does your teen like to ride all the rides at a local amusement park? Even the ones that make you think you’re going to throw your guts up? Then, this is the birthday party idea for them.

Buy your teen and their friend’s tickets and let them to their heart’s content. They’ll love being able to go on all their favorite rides, and you’ll love not having to spend a fortune.

If you’re not the type who likes rides, you can always skip them to be the official birthday party photographer.

14. Paintball or Laser Tag

Yes, boys are more than likely going to love this one. But girls can have just as much fun too.

There are plenty of places that offer paintball and laser tag. You’ll find paintball places in your area after a quick search online.

It may be an aggressive birthday party idea, but it’s also a lot of fun. Make sure your teen doesn’t wear their best outfit if they play paintball because the kids are bound to get messy.

15. Bonfire and S’mores Party

What’s better than sitting around a bonfire, telling stories, and eating s’mores? This is an excellent idea for teens who love the outdoors.

There’s something about s’mores that make people happy. Before you know it, your teen and their friends will be laughing and joking around the fire.

You’ll want to ensure the fire is out before you leave. The last thing you want is to start a forest fire on your teen’s birthday.

Here are some cool Bonfire supplies.

Color Changing Flames

Color Changing Flames

S'mores Maker

S'mores Maker

Food Covers

Food Covers

16. Get Some Bands to Jam in Your Backyard

Does your teen love music? If so, they’ll love this birthday party idea.

There are always local bands who are looking for a place to play. So, why not have them play in your backyard? Just set up a stage and let the bands do their thing.

Try to find bands that will allow your teen and their friends to give them song requests. That way, everyone can sing along and have a great time.

17. Go-Kart Racing

Your teen and their friends can express their need for speed with this birthday party idea.

There are plenty of places that offer go-kart racing. It’s usually not too expensive, and it’s a lot of fun. Make sure your teen and their friends follow all the safety rules.

18. Hot Air Baloon Ride

The world looks so different when you’re up in a hot air balloon. Everything is so tiny, and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

For this reason, this is a great birthday party idea for teens who love adventure. Ensure that the hot air balloon company is reputable before you book.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your teen is into, there’s sure to be a birthday party idea on this list that they’ll love. The main thing is to have fun and ensure everyone is safe.

If you’re unsure what birthday party to throw, ask your teen what they want. Chances are, they’ll have some great ideas that you can use. Who knows, maybe you can mix and match these ideas and turn them into a one-of-a-kind party that is as unique as your teen.

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