21 Perfect Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

Perfect Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

Are you having a tough time finding the Perfect Gift for a Teenage Tomboy?

Not all teen girls like to dress up, do their nails and be girly girls. Some are more interested in being active, playing sports, and doing things that are typically associated with boys. For this reason, it can be hard to find gifts for teenage tomboys, for they don’t have the same interests as other teen girls.

This list will help you find the perfect gift for the teenage tomboy in your life.


Best Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

Best Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

Magic Flying Orb

They are fun, magical, and perfect for playing with friends indoors and outdoor. It's more than just a flying orb; you can utilize your imagination by throwing it at different angles and speeds to create flight lines and boomerang effects! I'm sure a Tomboy will find this gift pretty cool.

Trucker Cap

When it comes to hats, Roxy's Water Come Down Trucker Hat is as trendy as can be. You thought a cap would make a boring gift? Not this one. It will match her style, and she'll love it!

Fun Heel Wheels

They are fun, super easy to use, and can be carried around in your bag; they even come with replaceable spark pads for cool sparking action! They will surely make a cute gift for a tomboy teen who enjoys an active lifestyle.

VR Headset

Compatible with iPhones and Androids phones, this trendy Virtual Reality Headset will make an outstanding gift for any teenage tomboy. She'll have the ability to play virtual reality games wherever she goes! Excellent choice for a Tomboy who loves gaming.

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PUMA unisex Backpack

The Backpack she never knew she needed! Perfect size and quality to carry all her belongings. Featuring multiple pocket options and a sleek, smooth design, she'll love everything about it. Perfect for traveling, camping, or back-to-school gifts.

Health & Fitness Tracker

Most Tomboys love sports activities and staying active. The Fitbit will help track all-day activity such as your steps, distance, hourly activity, and calories burned. It'll make a fun gift for tomboys and all teens alike. Just make sure it's not pink!

Super 3D Pen

How cool is this gift idea? Super cool. If you're not familiar with a 3D pen, it's like a regular ballpoint pen, but instead of ink, it uses plastic. You get to draw in the air, and the plastic is heated and then cooled to create a solid object. Your Teen will find it fascinating and fun.

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

The trendy Bluetooth beanie hat will make a great gift for a tomboy who loves to listen to music on the go or while doing sport. It comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts up to 17-25 hours! It also comes with an armband for a cellphone; this will help prevent losing Bluetooth connectivity while you're doing physical activity.

Nintendo Switch

You can never go wrong with a Nintendo switch. If she doesn't have one, I can guarantee that your gift will stand out from all the rest. Surprise her with this awesome gift, and you will make her day. It'll make an excellent choice for Birthdays or Christmas.

Neon Wall Collage Kit

She'll immediately fall in love with this blue Aesthetic wall art. They are cute, trendy, and will make a great wall decor. With 50 pieces of Love, Friendship, sightseeing, starry sky, lights, and music, it'll be a fun DIY activity, and her room will never look dull.

Canvas Low Top Sneakers

These trendy and super comfy low-top sneakers will be her new number one go-to shoe in all her activities. This color will also be perfect for a Teen Tomboy and can be easily paired with any casual clothes!

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Shape Shifting Box

Hand down the coolest fidget toy out there. This 3D shape-shifting box features 36 rare earth magnets, and you can create over 70 different shapes. It fits comfortably in the palm for hours of mind-bending entertainment and stimulates the senses with endless creative possibilities!

Trendy Silver Rings Set

These ring collections are unique, trendy, and must-haves for ring lovers. They will surely make perfect gifts for teenage tomboys who love stylish rings as they come in 16 different styles, such as cute garnet-red eyes frog ring, moon and stars ring, hug ring, and more!

Door Basketball Hoop

Slum Dunked approved! Now a Teen Tomboy will never get bored in her room. Designed to fit most doors, it will also add character and fun to the room. This way, it's a game day every day. A bonus point if she's into Basket Ball.

Champion Fleece Hoodie

Not all gifts should be gams and electronics; clothes, on the other hand, also make great gifts, especially when they're cozy and trendy like Champion's Fleece Hoodie. All Teens will love it, let alone a tomboy who would love to feel comfy and express her style.

The Bad Boy & the Tomboy

Surprise her with a book she can relate to and find interesting! The Popular Wattpad Novel from Nicole Nwosu will be everything and more. The story follows a Tomboy Macy Anderson who is laser-focused on three things: studies, soccer, and a scholarship until Cedric Cahill - the one boy she’s ever crushed on - asks her out on a date!

Fidget Bracelet

Everyone loves Toy Fidgets, from Kids to teens and adults alike. They are cute, fun, and can effectively relieve anxiety and stress by pressing them. And not to mention the satisfying popping sound it makes. Now imagine these as a bracelet; a Tomboy will love it!

Skater Girl Wall Art

Do you know a Tomboy who is also a skater girl? If that’s the case, she’ll love this gift idea for it’s cute, unique, and personalized for her. You can request any additional requirements for the illustration. Talk about a sweet and sentimental gift.

Realistic Temporary Tattoos

If she's into Tattoos, oh well, maybe it's time to try out the temporary tattoos first? I'm pretty sure she'll love these designs. As long as they are not pink butterflies and unicorns, a tomboy would love to try these out. They can be easily removed by rubbing alcohol, olive oil, and baby oil.

Multi Voice Changer

I thought it would be a great idea to add a gag gift here. Most tomboys are playful and would find this voice changer extremely funny. The Voice Changer features ten different voice modifiers and colorful flashing LEDs. She'll find this gift hilarious!

Electric Scooter

Yes, we've saved best for last! A Tomboy will find an electric scooter the coolest gift ever! They are a fun and eco-friendly way to get around, explore the neighborhood, or even ride to school. The best part is that electric scooters don't require gas, insurance, or a driver's license! It's indeed one of the coolest Gifts for Teenage Tomboys.

There you have it, Some of the coolest Gift Ideas for Teenage Tomboys.

Some say it’s much easier to find a gift for girly girls, but I think it’s just as fun and easy for a tomboy. As long as you stay away from the color pink, Kawaii stuff, or girly cosmetics, you should be on the right track.

Teenage Tomboy Gift Ideas Q&A

What do Teenage Tomboys like?

Tomboys are usually adventurous and have tastes likely associated with boys, for example, specific sports, woodwork activities, or building constructions. These factors should come into mind before deciding on gifts for teenage tomboys.

What do Tomboys do for fun?

Knowing what a Teen Tomboy does for fun or during their spare time is key to finding the right gift. Most Tomboys enjoy sports, gaming, or competing with their guy friends. Make sure you give her the challenge. Find a gift that’s fun, challenging, and requires a lot of sports activities.

What is the perfect gift for a Tomboy girlfriend?

If your girlfriend is a tomboy, I recommend getting a sweet and personalized gift such as the illustration wall art. Make sure it’s something that represents her character in the best possible way. Show her that you are proud and love her for exactly who she is.

This Post is all about Finding the Perfect Gifts for Teenage Tomboys

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