Funny Monday Quotes to Start Your Week With a Smile

Funny Monday Quotes

Are you up for some Funny Monday Morning Quotes for Work? These Funny Quotes for Monday will boost your mood.

Here are some Funny Monday Quotes to start your week the right way.

  • I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays. I love to hate them.
  • I always give 100% at work: 13% on Monday, 22% on Tuesday, 26% on Wednesday, 35% on Thursday, and 4% on Friday.
  • Monday mornings are like a hangover without the party.
  • Monday is like a math problem. Add the irritation, subtract the sleep, multiply the problems, and divide the happiness.
  • Mondays are the penalty for enjoying your weekend.
  • Monday is the only day you can wear the same outfit as yesterday without anyone knowing.
  • I’m unsure if I’m awake yet, but it’s definitely Monday.
  • I can’t believe it’s Monday again. I swear it was Friday, like five minutes ago.
  • Why is Monday so far away from Friday but Friday so close to Monday?
  • Monday, please be gentle with me. I’m not ready for you yet.
  • Mondays are the day we get to start again, and by ‘start again,’ I mean fix all the mistakes we made last week.
  • Monday is the day when I wish I had a job I loved…or a job that paid me to sleep.
  • Monday is like a bad haircut. It’ll grow on you eventually.
  • Mondays are the only day of the week when coffee tastes like magic and not just a hot beverage.
  • I think Mondays were invented to make us appreciate Fridays more.
  • Monday is like a boss fight. You never know what’s coming, and you’re always under-leveled.
  • Monday is like a bad Movie. You can’t wait for it to end.
  • Mondays are like a long-distance run. Painful, but you feel good once it’s over.
  • Monday is the day when my brain feels like it’s still in weekend mode.
  • Monday is the day when my bed feels like a warm, loving embrace.
  • Mondays are like a reset button. Unfortunately, they reset me to ‘snooze.’
  • Monday is the day when I’m reminded that my job is my way of paying for my weekend hobbies.
  • I’m not saying I need a 3-day weekend every week, but it wouldn’t hurt.
  • Mondays are like a bad ex. You just have to accept that they’re going to keep showing up in your life.
  • Mondays are like a bad horror movie. You just have to hope you make it to the end.
  • I’m not saying Mondays are the worst, but they’re definitely in the top 7.
  • I hate Mondays so much that I’ve considered moving to a country that doesn’t recognize them.
  • Monday is the day when I feel like I’m starting a marathon with no training.
  • Mondays are like a bad song stuck in your head. You just can’t shake it.

In conclusion, Monday can be the least favorite day of the week for many people. However, humor can be a great tool to help alleviate the stress and dread that comes with the start of a new week.

Funny Monday quotes can provide a lighthearted and relatable perspective on the challenges of starting the workweek. They can help people to approach Monday with a positive attitude and a sense of humor. Whether through witty one-liners, clever puns, or amusing anecdotes, funny Monday quotes can be a great way to bring a little joy and laughter to an otherwise dull day.

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