12 Annoying Relationship Slang Used by Gen Z

Gen Z has assimilated a lot of slang in their everyday vocabulary, and when it comes to relationships, that’s a whole other ball game! They are discussing heartbreaks, romances, relationships, and breakups in what seems to be a whole new language for us. While some popular terms may be cute, others are wholly annoying. If you are also irritated by the kind of words that have seeped into young people’s conversations surrounding love but are unable to decipher them, here is a list of the weirdest Gen Z relationship slang.

1. DTR

What could this possibly mean? DTR means to “Define the relationship.” This refers to the actual conversation that two young people tend to have so that they can have a discussion to determine whether they are officially in a relationship.

2. FWB

FWB is the acronym used to describe friends with benefits. It basically means two people that are friendly with each other, but there is also a sexual relationship between them.

3. Pink Flags

You may have heard the term red flags, but for most people, the term pink flag is entirely new. Pink flag is another one of those annoying slang words that are widely popular on dating Tiktok. “Pink flags” are usually used to bring to the attention minor warning signs. They aren’t as serious as red flags, but they could also mean trouble. They are not necessarily deal-breakers, but they may indicate that the relationship could have potential issues if not addressed.

4. Simping

Simping means when a man puts in lots of effort to woo someone he’s interested in, but there is a catch; it means he’s trying so hard that he sacrifices his self-respect.

5. Situationships

Long gone are the times when people used to be in relationships. Now they have been replaced by the word situationships. A situationship is also a relationship, but it means one that is not clearly defined and neither party involved is completely committed. There are specific characteristics of a situationship, a lack of communication, exclusivity, or commitment, and as a result, there is confusion, emotional turmoil, and hurt feelings.

6. Rizz

What used to be sex appeal is now Rizz. It is a short form of the word charisma, and when someone is charismatic and highly appealing, today’s teenagers will say that he or she has a lot of Rizz.

7. Cuffing Season

Winter is a lonely time for most people and a difficult season to navigate all alone, resulting in the term cuffing season. It’s the fall/winter season when people seek to be with someone, or as they call it, cuff someone.

8. Ick Factor 

The term “ick factor” is often used to describe a feeling of dislike or disgust that people experience when faced with something they are not a fan of. For example, some people may experience the “ick factor” when their potential dating partner has a usually quirky dressing choice or when girls wear too much makeup.

9. Ghosting

When one of the people in the relationship breaks off all contact without any heads up, they’ve ghosted the other person.

10. Sober Dating

Many teens are complaining about the lack of genuine connections these days, so they have come up with a solution. Sober Dating is when a couple chooses not to ever be under the influence of alcohol so that they can focus on each other wholly and completely.

11. Affordating

Dating used to be an expensive business, and spending lavishly on a first date used to be the norm; however, a shift in attitudes can also be seen in the popularity of the terms like affordating. It refers to the practice of going on dates while being mindful of one’s budget and financial situation. A couple is affordating when finding ways to save money, such as using coupons or taking advantage of good deals like the happy hour specials.

12. Cuffle Date

A cuffle date is when the expectation is that two people will only participate in cuddling and there will be no other sexual activity. It typically occurs when two people have a solid emotional connection.

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