Best Bubble Tea Gifts for Boba Lovers

Best Bubble Tea Gifts for Boba Lovers

Do you know an obsessed Bubble Tea fan who can’t get enough of their chewy pearls? Well, the following Bubble Tea gifts will be perfect for Boba Lovers!

Are you wondering what Bubble Tea is? Well, Bubble Tea is a sweet concoction of freshly brewed tea, blended with milk or fruit-flavored syrup and topped with chewy tapioca balls, also known as tapioca pearls or boba.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best Bubble Teas and bubble tea-themed gifts that will put a smile on all Boba fans’ faces!


Best Bubble Tea Gifts for Boba Lovers

Ultimate DIY Bubble Tea Kit

Save Bubble Tea lovers the effort of going to the cafe or mall every time they look forward to having a tasty Bubble Tea and get them the ultimate DIY Bubble Tea Kit! 

The following are excellent DIY Bubble Tea kits, for they come in so many different flavors from Strawberry to honeydew and more. It’ll be super fun to create! 

 Let’s talk about the chewy pearls, which make a bubble tea extra special; with these Bubble Tea kits, they are super easy to cook! All you need to do is:

  • Boil them up
  • Cool them down
  • That’s it! They’re ready to be added to your DIY Bubble Tea! 

Cute DIY Bubble Tea Gift Set

Talk about the cutest gift for Boba lovers! That is to say, the below Bubble Tea gift set will delight all Bubble Tea lovers. It includes:

  • Boba reusable Tumbler 
  • Reusable stainless steel Boba Straw (with brush cleaner)
  • 30 servings of premium loose leaf tea (Jasmine green tea, classic black tea, and fruit/floral tea of your choice)
  • Easy to follow recipe card
  • 17 water-proof vinyl stickers (super cute!)

If this isn’t the Coolest Bubble Tea gift set, I don’t know what is! In other words, it will make the perfect Birthday or Christmas Gift for all Boba lovers!

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Reusable Bubble Tea Cups

If you’ve decided to get one of the first DIY Bubble Tea Kit, you are going to have to get the reusable boba cups for the ultimate Bubble Tea experience! They are just as great as regular tumblers; you can wash them and reuse them again. In other words, not only are they cute but also eco-friendly, and you can avoid getting the regular plastic cups at the mall or restaurant!

Trendy Reusable Boba Cups with Lid

Here’s to enjoying the ultimate Bubble Tea experience on the go! They will be every Boba Lovers’ go-to mug for travel, school, office, work, or even shopping! In short, they have the ideal size, and the straws are perfect for sipping pearls!

Reusable Bubble Tea Cup with Stickers

Yep, still reusable and cuter than ever, but this time it comes with adorable stickers so Boba lovers will be able to personalize their Boba cups! From Pandas to rainbows and unicorns, these stickers will make all Boba cups look amazing!

Bubble Tea Mason Jar Glass Cups

Mason Jar Glasses are so trendy and elegant, and for some reason, they look so perfect for Bubble Teas. A bubble Tea fan will find these cups super for creating DIY Bubble Teas, for the results are just dreamy!

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Not enough Bubble Tea craze? No worries, you can still get your loved ones one of these adorable bubble tea-themed gifts, which will be just as exciting to unwrap!

Cute Bubble Tea Airpod Case

On a scale of 1 to 10, how cute are these Airpod cases? A solid 10, of course. I mean, this would make excellent gifts not just for Bubble Tea lovers but for everyone! However, we can’t deny it’ll make a Boba lover extra happy, and not to mention, obsessed!

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Kawaii Bubble Tea Plushie

I believe cuteness is officially one of Bubble Tea’s main traits. I mean, look at these adorable plushies. You know you can never go wrong with plushes as gifts, and these Bubble Tea plushes are no exception. Besides making great gifts for boba lovers, they also make great gifts for tween girls or Kawaii lovers!

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Bubble Tea T-Shirt

For the proud Bubble Tea lovers out there! These Bubble Tea T-shirts are so cute; Boba lovers can’t help but fall immediately in love with them. I can already picture a Boba lover wearing one of these T-shirts sipping pearls out of a cute Boba cup!

Kawaii Cat

Kawaii Cat

You had me at Boba

You had me at Boba

Bubble Tea Gifts for Tweens

The below Bubble Tea gift ideas will make excellent gifts for tweens! for instance, ‘Back to School’ gifts or Birthday Gifts; they are so cute and trendy, all tweens will find them ideal for school, shopping, travel, or just hanging out with friends!

Boba Pencil/Pen Holder

Boba Pencil/Pen Holder

Boba Purse

Boba Purse

Bubble Tea Stickers

Boba Blasts also has awesome stickers, which will also make a cute and trendy gift idea for Tweens and Teens. Look at how cute they are! Perfect for tumblers, laptops, phones, or even skateboards!

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Bubble Tea Plush Slippers

These Boba Plush Slippers are so cool and comfy they’ll make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift for boba lovers! It’s so cute it even has this cute boba straw sticking out of the slippers! I’m telling you, they’ll never come out of these slippers.

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Boba Blast the Card Game

Do you know there is a card game for boba Lovers? Yep, you read that correctly. Check out this card game from Boba Blast; it is a multiplayer card game where you can collect Boba bucks to purchase ingredients or find ready Boba Drinks! If this isn’t the perfect card game for Boba Lovers, I don’t know what else is!

Bubble Tea Earrings

Here’s to the ultimate Bubble Tea look! Yes, a Bubble Tea shirt is cute, but these earrings are so unique and charming that they’ll complete the look for any Boba lover. Get them the six pairs of mason jar bubble tea or the single pair of Boba Glass cups; they’ll find both gift ideas adorable!

3D Bubble Tea iPhone Case

For the Bubble Tea lover who has an iPhone! You can never go wrong with this cute 3D Bubble Tea case. Besides, it comes with an adorable chain holder, which makes it simply irresistible!

And there you have it! Some of the best Bubble Tea Gifts for Boba lovers! I hope you were showered with Bubble Tea cuteness or perhaps learned a thing or two about bubble Teas, but most importantly, found the ideal gift for your loved ones!

Best Bubble Tea Gifts for Boba Lovers
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