Best Haikyuu Gifts for the Franchise Fan

Best Haikyuu Gifts

Are you looking to find the best Gifts for Haikyuu fans in your life? Look no further, for we’ve got you covered with the best Haikyuu-themed gifts.

What are some of the best Haikyuu gifts out there? Haikyuu is one of the most popular anime and has gained a lot of fans worldwide. It is an anime that revolves around volleyball, and it is one of the best sports anime ever made. The story is about two high school boys who love volleyball and have a dream to play on the national team. Although rivals, they still come together to join forces due to their common goal.

In this post, I will share some of the best gift ideas to surprise your friends or family who love Haikyuu!!


Best Haikyuu Gifts

Best Haikyuu Gifts for the Anime Fans

Haikyuu Water Bottle

Haikyuu is a volleyball anime, and if they are a fan of Haikyuu, they are indeed a fan of playing volleyball. Get a Haikyuu water bottle for your anime buddy. They will carry it around everywhere, from school to college or work! The bottle is a token of attachment to the anime they will cherish forever.

Haikyuu!! Vinyl Waterproof Stickers

Anime is full of mystery. You never know what will happen the very next moment. Why don’t you give your friend a taste of anime in real life? How?
You can get them a mystery pack of Haikyuu vinyl waterproof stickers!

They will only know what’s inside when they open the gift box. Exciting right? A Hikyuu fan is going to love this gift. The stickers can be matt, glossy, or PVC.

Characters Mug

You can never go wrong with a mug; they are multipurpose; you can use them every day or keep them as a decoration piece on your table. For this reason, mugs make great gifts. Get your loved ones a Mug with Haikyuu characters on it. I'm sure they'll treasure it way too much to use it!

Haikyuu!! Wall Tapestry

If they are Anime fans, you know they would love to have a big poster of their favorite anime everywhere. If it is a tapestry and huge, it's a cherry on the top. Get your friend this cool Haikyuu tapestry; they would love to have it in their room. It'll make an impressive gift idea for an anime fan because not every fan has a poster tapestry. Furthermore, it's easy to move when switching rooms as well. No room for disspointement here.

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Shoyo Hinata Action Figure

A sensational Action Figure in the room lifts ‌your mood, and for Haikyuu fans, what can be cheerful more than the energetic and upbeat Shoyo Hinata. The Figure of loud and cheerful Shoyo comes with meat buns, a round volleyball pattern base, a bag, and the Sakanoshita Store background sheet. The action figure comes wearing the sports jersey in the unique style of Shoyo Hinata. A true fan will love the details!

Haikyuu!! Manga

The initially written Manga will always be on the bucket list of every Haikyuu fan once they start the series. The craze for Manga gets serious once an anime fan digs into the anime series, and Haikyuu fans are no exceptions. Therefore, the Manga won't disappoint as a Christmas or Birthday gift.

Yu Nishinoya Keychain

Keychains will make an excellent small or last-minute gift idea; moreover, they make ideal stocking stuffers! A Haikyuu fan will love the Karasuno's Guardian Deity, Yu Nishinoya, hanging in their backpack. If you are also a Haikyuu fan, grab a pair of these keychains to be twinning with your friend!

Funny Character Pin Set

Kuroo and Kenma Pin set will make a great addition to the Haikyuu merch collection. A fan will adore this cute set of pins. You can collect pins of all the characters (Kuroo and Kenma are the cutest) and place them in a goodie bag or stocking stuffers together with other gifts, preferably other Haikyuu gifts.

Karasuno High School Uniform

The Karasuno High School uniform is a must-have for every Haikyuu Fan. Make a Haikyuu fan's life easier by scratching this from their bucket list. After all, this is the only costume they will wear during Halloween or perhaps during a casual outing with friends! It'll be the best Haikyuu merch ever!

 Oya Oya Oya Shirt

You’re probably wondering, not another merch, but honestly, it’s not a Hikyuu Gift Guide without the Oya Oya shirt! Oya is the expression frequently repeated in the anime and, I guess, imprinted in your friend’s mind! Imprint it on their shirt by getting them an Oya Oya shirt. They’ll love it!

3D LED Night Light

Not your typical LED Light; this is THE LED Light for Haikyuu fans. High-quality, beautiful, and represents the iconic friendship portrayed in Haikyuu. With that said, Give your friend’s room a glow-up with this excellent gift. It’s a gift they’ll surely cherish.

Cute Haikyuu Wallet

This wallet is not just your average wallet. It has a unique design with the Karasuno logo printed on it. Besides being super cute, it’s also handy to store cash, credit cards, coins, and checkbooks. This wallet will be perfect for both male and female Haikyuu fans!

Personalized Handwritten Letters 

If you are looking for a personalized gift, look no further, for this one has taken the cake. Imagine getting a handwritten letter from one of Haikyuu’s Characters! These emotional letters by Haikyuu characters will make your friend draw close to you. And make it even better, the letters are scented and come with real dried flowers! A true fan will highly appreciate and cherish this gift idea.

You can get them by email if you are in a hurry and looking for a last-minute gift.

Haikyuu Cards

What could be the perfect gift for a Haikyuu fan who enjoys playing cards? A Haikyuu Card game, of course! A Haikyuu Fan will enjoy their free time in the company of Haikyuu characters while playing these card games. Get them a pack; it won't disappoint!

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Haikyuu Plushes

Don’t we all love having cozy and soft plushies? Well, So does a Haikyuu fan. Consider buying a Haikyuu plushie for your friend if they love plushies and Kawaii stuff. Here are three options which will undoubtedly make cute gifts.

Shoyo Hinata

Shoyo Hinata

Haikyuu Shoyo Patch

Not many people are familiar with patches, but they'll be obsessed once they are. They are cute, and you can paste them into bags, clothes, shoes, or even books. Now, which Hiakyuu fan wouldn't love a Shoyo patch to paste everywhere!


Yep, it's a bookmark and a ruler! A practical combo if you ask me. It'll make a great back-to-school gift or stocking stuffer for teens and tweens who are huge Haikyuu fans. Surprise the bookworm in your life with this gift, or should I say Manga worms?

Haikyuu Wall Art

Wall Arts are becoming more and more popular these days because they're so easy to put up and take down whenever needed. A Haikyuu fan will cherish it as it'll keep them happy and energetic by watching the characters in motion. Don't you ever feel that when you have your favorite movie or series as wall art?

There you have it, some of the best Gifts for Haikyuu Fans that will certainly make their day!

Finding the perfect gift for an Anime fan is not easy, but as long as you get them their favorite Anime Merch, they’ll love it instantly, and Haikyuu fans are no exceptions. You would want to give them something they will love and use for years to come.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Haikyuu gifts for anime fans! Whether it’s a gift for a diehard fan or a casual viewer, there is something on this list for everyone! Pick the right present that expresses their love for Haikyuu!

This post is all about finding the Best Haikyuu Gifts for loyal fans

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