Best Trendy Gifts for Studio Ghibli Fans

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Hello Studio Ghibli Fanatics! Are you as obsessed as I am with the Magical World of Studi Ghibli? If so, I’ve put together a list of amazing Studio Ghibli gift ideas that could spirit you away! They will make perfect gifts for any Studio Ghibli Fans. From Totoro Plushes to Calcifer Spatula, here are some trendy Gift Ideas all Studio Ghibli fans will love!

Totoro Plush & Cushion

If you know a Ghibli fan, you would know that they would want to have as many Totoro as possible. We just can’t help but have all of his collection!

Studio Ghibli Gift Ideas – Totoro Merch

When it comes to Studio Ghibli Gift Ideas, A Totoro Merch is a must-have! Studio Ghibli fans are obsessed and I’m not slightly surprised.

See Saw Figure

Accessory Box

Onesie Plush Pajamas

Totoro 29″ Plush Doll

Toothbrush Holder

The Catbus Plush

If it’s not Totoro, it’s the Catbus! Don’t we all want to enter the Catbus? Well, at least we can get a plush!

Calcifer Frying Pan & Spatula

How cute is this? This is exactly what a Ghibli fan needs in their kitchen. Now we can all feel like Howl when we start our morning with fried eggs!

Heen the Dog Plush

Do not mistake him for a mop! Heen the dog will be very upset, for he is the cutest shaggy dog out there- Not to mention the coolest little spy to ever walk the realm.

Everything ‘No Face’

All Ghibli fans can’t help but sympathize with this innocent lost soul. Everything about ‘No Face’ will just make a cute gift.

Soot Sprites

Soot Sprites, also known as Susuwatari are as Ghibli as can be. for this reason, they will make the Perfect Gift for all Studio Ghibli fans. Which Studio Ghibli fan wouldn’t want to hug a Soot Sprites?

Window Cling Plush

Giant Pillow

Airpods Pro Case Cover

Ponyo Plushie

A Ghibli Fan will definitely love to have the adorable Goldfish Ponyo from the beloved Studio Ghibli Movie Ponyo. I mean, look at it, it’ll definitely put a smile on their faces.

Jigsaw Puzzle/ Artboard (Canvas Style)

Easy to build and makes a beautiful Art-board to proudly display. Bring the magical world of Ghibli to life. All Ghibli fans will love & appreciate these as a gift.

Meeting Totoro

Other side of the Tunnel

Tending the Store

Girl who fell from the sky

Moro and San

Ohmu and Nausicaa

3D Puzzles For All Studio Ghibli Fans

Assemble your favorite Studio Ghibli figure into an awesome 3D puzzle. Fun to build and makes an amazing display to your ‘Studio Ghibli’ collectibles.

Setsuko’s Candy Fruit Drops

A perfect gift to satisfy a sweet tooth. But, the best part is you get to store the can as part of a Ghibli collectible. A Ghibli fan will love it.

Unless you can read Japanese, you won’t be able to understand the content & ingredient. Here’s a Translation:
Product name: Sakuma Drops retro strawberry lemon pie raw materials Masuo acidulant Fragrance colorant.
■ Ingredients name sugar, starch syrup, fruit juice (apple, orange, grape, ninkinashi red jelly, paprika color)
■ Contents 115 g Expiration date on the bottom of the can
■ How to Save: Please keep away from direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.
■ If there are any inconvenient items, please send us a substitute article and shipping fee

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