17 Funny Birthday Gifts for Brother

Funny Birthday Gifts for Brother

Here we will look into some funny birthday gift ideas for your brother or brother-in-law.

Does your brother have a great sense of humor? Do you want to give him the perfect birthday gift he will never forget? If so, you should consider getting funny birthday gifts for your brother that will put a smile on his face.

There are many different types of funny gifts that you can purchase for your brother, so we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite options. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Funny Birthday Gift Ideas for Brother

Funny Birthday Gifts for Brother

Funny Hoodie

Celebrate your brother with this World's Okayest Brother sweatshirt! It'll make a fun birthday gift for your brother. Besides being funny, the trendy hoodie is soft, high-quality, and will keep him comfortable all day long. The shirt is available in various sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your brother or brother inlaw. He might be the world's Okayest brother, but you are an awesome sister for this gift idea!

Build on Brick Mug

Are you looking for a unique and humorous birthday gift for your brother? Well then, you have to check out this Build-on Brick Mug! This one-of-a-kind mug is compatible with most major brands of building blocks, so your brother can customize his mug however they want. It'll make an excellent choice if your brother is into legos. Moreover, it comes with mini toys to unleash his inner child!

The Screaming Goat

The Screaming Goat is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good laugh. This quirky little goat is only 3 inches tall, but he makes a big impression with his loud, screeching voice. Press the goat's head, and he'll let out a blood-curdling scream sure to get attention. The included mini-book is full of fun facts and trivia about everyone's favorite farm animal, making this an educational and amusing gift for all ages.

Funny Pillow Case

Now, that's a throw pillow case that will stand out in the crowd and put a smile on his face. It is the perfect way to show your brother how much you care, well, kind of. Yep, it'll surely make a statement in any room. Talk about an excellent conversation starter for his birthday. Don't forget; he'll still love you!

Beer Belly Waist Packs

The Beer Belly Waist Pack is a hilarious and practical gift for your brother's birthday. It'll be even funnier if he's a dad, for this spoof gift replicates a real dad belly, complete with fake hair! It's a great idea to make your brother laugh, and he'll also appreciate the practicality of this gift.

Fun Trivia Book

If your brother is anything like most guys, he probably doesn't spend much time thinking about his bathroom habits. But that doesn't mean he wouldn't appreciate a funny and informative book about all things poop-related! The Learn A Lot While You Sit On The Pot: Funny Bathroom Trivia Book is perfect for any brother who could use a good laugh (and some useful trivia) while he's in the bathroom. From poop puns to famous plumbers, this book has it all. And due to its fun size, he can easily keep it in the bathroom for quick and easy reading. So whether he's looking for a new way to pass the time on the toilet or wants to impress his friends with expert knowledge on all things bathroom-related, this Trivia Book is the perfect gift.

Funny Wood Sign

Here’s a unique wood free-standing sign with a built-in hook on the back for hanging. It stands freely on a desk, table, shelf, mantle, or counter. It reads, “Sometimes Talking to Your Brother is All The Therapy You Need. Sometimes After Talking to Your Brother, You Need Therapy.” Although hilarious, it’s still a great gift to show how much you care and love your brother! He can hang it in his office or home as a funny decoration and reminder that he always has someone to talk to!

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Supportive Keychain

Are you looking for a birthday gift for your brother that will make him laugh? Well, this keychain is a great choice. Made of high-quality stainless steel, it's durable and won't fade or rust. The keychain is also a great reminder of your friendship every time your brother uses it. Plus, it comes in a stylish gift box, making it a thoughtful and practical present.

Fart Blanket

If you’re looking for a gift that will get a chuckle (or a groan), look no further than the Dutch Oven Kits Fart Blanket Gift Box. The blanket is soft and cozy, but the fart recipe card makes this gift special. From basic toots to full-blown stinkers, there’s something for everyone in this hilarious birthday gift. So if you’re looking for a way to make your brother’s birthday special, give him a gift that will have him laughing all day.

Funny Candle

You have to love the saying on this candle. Besides being funny, this soy candle is non-toxic, soot-free, and will burn for 30-50% longer than a typical paraffin wax candle. Choose from various unique scents in the drop-down menu when checking out. Each candle is made to order and hand-poured into a 9 oz glass jar. They’re also 100% vegan, natural, and eco-friendly: so happy birthday, a**hole. I hope you enjoy your gift!

Book of Unusual Knowledge

Suppose you're looking for a birthday gift for your brother that will educate and entertain, look no further than The Book of Unusual Knowledge. This book contains fascinating articles, lists, and games on various topics, ranging from the animal kingdom to art, sports, technology, history, politics, and the universe. No matter your brother's interests, he's sure to find something to pique his curiosity in this book. So give him the gift of knowledge this year with The Book of Unusual Knowledge - it's a gift that he'll surely love!

Puffy Beverage Jacket

Here's a unique gift for a brother who has everything! This insulated can cooler is perfect for keeping drinks cold and comes in various colors to match any personality. Whether your brother enjoys beer, soda, or sparkling water, the Puffin Beverage Jacket will make his drinks look cooler. In addition to being a practical gift, the Puffin Beverage Jacket is also fashionable and fun. Your brother will surely get a kick out of dressing up his drinks in a cute little outfit, and you might even find a matching combo. Either way, the Puffin Beverage Jacket will inspire some fun together.

Custom Portrait

How about a unique and thoughtful birthday gift for your brother? Yep, why not commission a custom pet portrait? A picture of your brother and his dog dressed in a similar outfit will surely make him laugh and also serve as a lovely reminder of his furry friend. Plus, it’s a gift he can keep for years.

Can Holder for Shower

Are you looking for a birthday gift your brother will use? Look no further than the Stick & Sip! This handy silicone can holder attaches to any smooth, flat surface - perfect for sticking to the shower tile or fridge door. The best part? It holds on tight, even with full cans. The Stick & Sip is built to last and made from sturdy silicone that's dishwasher-safe. The perfect gift for beer lovers or anyone who enjoys a cold beverage in the shower! The Stick & Sip is sure to be a hit on his birthday.

Funny Silver Mug

The funny travel mug is the perfect gift for your busy brother. He'll love the 14 oz capacity and easy-grip handle with thumb rest. He'll find the saying on the mug super funny, and it's also a perfect way for your brother to enjoy his favorite hot or cold beverage on the go!

Honest Acronyms

Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet

Now, that’s a gift that is both useful and amusing; check out the Honest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet. This handy folio contains a sticky notepad for the most commonly used acronyms, including WTF, ASAP, OMG, FYI, and BTW. A definition accompanies each acronym, so you can be sure your brother will get a good chuckle out of this gift. But the usefulness of theHonest Acronyms Sticky Note Packet doesn’t stop there.

These sticky notes are also perfect for jotting down quick reminders or leaving messages for co-workers. So whether your brother is an office humor enthusiast or needs a good laugh, he will appreciate this unique and thoughtful gift.

Never Gona Give You Up

Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” is a classic pop song that has delighted audiences for decades. Now, you can give your brother the ultimate birthday gift with this hand-cranked wood-paper strip music box. This unique gift will bring a smile to his face every time he hears the iconic tune, and it will become a cherished keepsake. So order your music box today and tell your brother that you will never give up on him!

And there you have it, some unique Funny Birthday Gifts for Brother he’ll genuinely love and appreciate.

While some may say that money can’t buy happiness, there’s no denying that it can buy a lot of laughter. And what could be more priceless than making your loved ones laugh with these funny birthday gifts for brother?

So whether you’re looking for a funny gift, something practical, or an inspirational present, you’re sure to find something perfect for your brother or brother-in-law on this list. We hope you’ve enjoyed our top picks and found inspiration for his birthday gift.

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