Viking Gifts for Him that are Authentically Awesome

Viking Gifts for Him

Ready to impress a Viking fan with some of the best Viking Gift Ideas for Men?

A little trivia before we dig in: Viking culture is one of the oldest European cultures. The Vikings were excellent sailors and explorers; they are also known for their impressive craftsmanship, which you will notice in the following Viking gifts for him.

Most Viking gifts are made with care and attention to detail, and for this reason, they are always impressive to the recipient for years to come.

Without further ado, let’s dig into some of the best Viking Gifts for him, which he’ll love. The Viking Gifts are a fun way to get creative with your gift-giving. You can find Viking hats, Viking mugs, and even Viking-inspired jewelry.


Horn Shot Set

If he’s a Viking fan and enjoys shots, I don’t see what could be cooler than these shot horns. Yep straight out of an authentic Ox horn. They are timeless, unique, and will make all Viking lovers happy. He’ll forever use it to impress his friends and have a good time.

Besides, I love how you can place a drink in the middle of the shot set. It makes the whole shot experience much cooler!

Horn Cups and Mugs

Speaking of horn cups, they don’t have to be just for shots; horn cups and mugs generally make great Viking gifts for men. So, just in case you decided not to get the shot sets, I believe these cups and mugs will make perfect gifts for him.

With Horn Stand

With Belt Holster

With Spoon & Bulrip Bag

Viking-inspired Jewelry

This Viking-inspired jewelry will turn your Viking fan into a certified badass! He can forever express his love for the Viking culture by wearing the following Viking-themed bracelets or necklaces. I’m pretty sure they’ll never disappoint a Viking fan.

Viking Bracelets

Viking Necklaces

Viking Compass

A compass is an instrument for finding directions on the earth. However, it can also mean much more. It’s also a symbol of exploration, courage, and curiosity. Therefore it somewhat makes the perfect romantic gift.

The Compass below reads: Wherever your adventures may take you. May you always find your way back home. And then, you can also personalize it with your name. Talk about a valentine’s day or anniversary gift for your Viking fan!

Viking Trinket

Now, here is a handmade Viking trinket in a compass design. Here is the perfect Viking-themed Trinket to keep his ring or other valuables safe! He’ll love this Viking-themed design. The sort of gift all ancient Viking collectible curators will appreciate!

Viking Beard Grooming

Here’s to the hardcore Viking fans who are simply obsessed with the Viking culture and can’t help but groom their beard the same way a Viking does! From Viking beard beads (yep) to Viking comb and a whole Beard Grooming kit, these gift ideas are more than everything he’ll need to have the Viking beard look.

Unique Runic Circle Watch

The only wristwatch a true Viking fan should have! That is to say: this can be one of the best Viking gifts for him. It’s time to throw away his old watch and surprise him with the runic circle watch. To Vikings, the rune circle is known as a symbol of direction, thus making it extra special than an ordinary watch. Yep, he’ll surely stand out from the rest.

Viking-themed Home Decor

These Viking-themed Home decor will be perfect for the living room or his man cave! Whether it’s a Dragon Boat, Berserker with a double ax, or an Skål bar sign, they will most definitely all add character to the room. Viking Decor makes the perfect gift for your dad, brother, husband, or boyfriend, who are huge Viking fans.

Dragon Boat

Berserker Wall Decor

Skål bar sign

Viking Tops

Trendy 3D hoodies and funny t-shirts make great gifts from the get-go, and Viking hoodies & T-shirts are no exceptions. If anything, they are the best sort of gifts for Birthdays or Valentine’s Day that will put a smile on his face! Check out the below Gift Ideas; they won’t disappoint any Viking fan.

Print Hoodie

Funny T-shirts

Viking T-shirts

Father’s Day Ideas

Father's day viking gifts for him

Funny Viking Gifts for Him

Sometimes fun and playful gifts make the best gifts for Husband or Boyfriend and leave a lasting impression, which precisely implies the below gift ideas. If he is a huge Viking fan, he will find these gifts funny and cute. They will also make a sweet gift for your crush, who’s also a Viking fan. Wink, wink.

Beer Opener

Wooden Nutcracker

Beard Head Viking

Viking Throw Blanket

These throw blankets will transform any living room or bedroom into a Viking fantasy world. Besides having the perfect view, it is super soft and beautifully woven to curl up init for a cozy night in! How about covering yourself in them while watching a Viking movie!

Viking Keychains

Keychains can be such typical gifts for everyone, but a cute one can, nonetheless, still leave a warm impression. The following keychains for Viking fans will make a fun little gift and certainly not dull. With its unique Viking designs, it’ll certainly stand out from other keychain gifts.

Her Viking, His shield Maiden

Personalized Keychain

Beanie Cap and Neck Gaiter

Some cool Viking merch here to give him a trendy look. Both beanie cap and neck gaiter will be great as single gifts but will also be perfect together for the ultimate look! Fun, unique and will make an authentically neat gift for the young Viking fan.

 Beanie Cap

 Neck Gaiter

Small Gifts for Viking Fans

I love adding small gifts to the mix because they come super handy for small occasions where you do not need to get something immense. I find the following gift ideas to be perfect for any Viking fan. The Celtic knife will make a great collectible, and the pouch will be very convenient to carry coins!

Celtic Pocket Knife

 Medieval Pouch

Bathroom Set

Just moved into a new house? A Viking fan just got married? If so, the following bathroom set (shower curtain and bath mat) would make ideal housewarming gifts. Talk about transforming the bathroom into the perfect Viking aesthetic!

Shower Curtain

Yggdrasil Tree Night Lamp

One of the most stunning Viking gifts for him; I love the fact that it’s handmade and comes with 20 color modes: Neon Blue, Neon Green, Cold White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Deep-sky, Purple, Orange, and more.

This nordic style Night Lamp will be one of the coolest items on his bedside table. In all fairness, it doesn’t matter if he’s a Viking fan or not; this gift is magical!

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Unique Viking Knives

The following Viking Knives will make excellent gift ideas for men who love grilling and BBQ or camping. Surprise your husband or boyfriend with these beautifully designed Viking knives to make his cooking experience even much better.

Viking Axe

The Ultimate Viking decor and collectible! The best part is you can also personalize it with his initials on the blade. Now, here’s an artistically designed Viking Axe with his initial on the blade! If this isn’t the coolest Viking gift Idea for men, I don’t know what is!

Viking Posters

Here are some more gift ideas for his man cave! If he loves Viking Culture and decor, he’ll surely love the following Viking Posters. from Viking code to romantic sayings; these Viking-themed posters will create a wonderful atmosphere for any Viking fan.

Viking Warrior Metal Tin Sign

The Heart of Odinism Poster 

I Love You To Valhalla And Back

Viking Poster for him

Viking Greeting Cards

Do you know what could make a gift more special? Add a unique greeting card with your gift! You can personalize it and add your sweet message. But you will have to get a Viking-themed card; this way, your greeting card will be much more cute and funny.

3D Pop Up Ship Card

I’ve Taken A Viking To You

Viking Card

Viking Cosplay

Did I save the best for last or what? Perhaps! For, these ‘Viking Cosplay Costumes’ are simply everything for a hardcore Viking fan. Not only do they make excellent cosplay costumes, but they also make perfect Viking decorations and are ideal for all Viking curators.

So, why not surprise him with one of these awesome Viking Gifts, or even better, all three for the ultimate Viking look!

Horned Viking Helmet

Leather Chest Armor

Leader Arm Guards

And there you have it, some of the best Viking Gift Ideas for Men.

The best Viking gifts for him are often hard to find and sometimes expensive. However, I’ve added a variety of Viking Gift Ideas in all styles and prices for you to find the perfect gift that will please the man in your life.

It’s never too late to grab the perfect gift that will fit his personality and make him the happiest.

This Post is all about find the perfect Viking Gifts for Him.

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