Summer Gifts for Kids (That aren’t Electronics)

Summer Gifts for Kids that aren't Electronics

Are you looking to find the best Summer Gift Ideas for Kids?

You should definitely consider some fun summer gifts for kids this year. We have all been there, you are trying to have a conversation with your child, but they are too busy glued to their phone or tablet.

Here is a list of fun summer gifts you could get for your child that will connect them to you and have fun this summer!

I’ve divided the list into two categories; the outdoor summer gift ideas for some activities and indoor summer gifts for quality time, in addition to other summer gifts ideas. So, let’s dig in!


Best Summer Gifts for Kids

Outdoor Summer Gifts for Kids

When we think of outdoor summer gifts, we think of sunny weather, fun activities, and play sprinklers! Yep, outdoor summer gifts for kids are the essence of summer and will always make a delightful gift!

Fun Sprinkler for Kids

Which kid doesn't love jumping and playing with water? Allowing your children to experience this fun, especially over the summer, will be a fantastic idea! The setup is super easy as well, all you need to do is connect the kiddie pool's sprinkler to your outdoor garden, and you're ready to go! You can also adjust the spray level, which will add more fun to the splashing game!

Bubble Lawn Mower for Kids & Toddlers

This kid's lawn mower not only produces tons of bubbles but also comes with realistic sound for the best pretend Garden Play! Talk about encouraging your kids to spend more time in the garden. It'll make a perfect birthday gift for kids who have a birthday coming this summer.

Pop-Pass-Catch Ball Game

Who doesn't love to play a 'toss and catch' game! It's fun and easy to play, thus making it suitable for all ages! The Package comes with four launchers(2-blue and 2-green), six ping-pong balls(2 colors random), and a cute box making it perfect for gifting. It's said to be suitable for indoor and outdoor games, but I can only see it as the perfect outdoor summer activity.

Kids Gardening Tools

These Gardening tools for kids will make the perfect summer gift for any child with a green thumb!

With this Gardening Tools gift set, your little one will be able to cultivate and care for their very own garden. It includes a tote bag with storage for gardening tools, accessories, a watering can, gloves, shovels, stakes, and a captivating book that teaches children all about gardening!

Pink-colored Gardening Tools

Pink-colored Gardening Tools

Blue-colored Gardening Tools

Blue-colored Gardening Tools

The Original Stomp Rocket

Here's a fun and active game to enjoy this summer! Super easy to assemble with no batteries required and a great outdoor activity for kids. All they need to do is stomp! The best part is it also glows in the dark; now that's a game for a warm summer night!

Butterfly Garden

Want to attract butterflies to your yard? This kit comes with everything your child needs to get started, including a feeding dropper, net, and complete instructions. With the appropriate setup, they'll be able to feed these beautiful creatures and watch them fly around all day. They'll love every minute of this. There is even a voucher inside to get live caterpillars shipped to you within the USA and Alaska.

Fun Outdoor Shooting Game

Let your kids unleash their inner sharpshooters with this fun, exciting, and challenging outdoor game. It'll be super fun, and it'll also make perfect gifts for boys. Perfect for summer birthday parties, camping, or any outdoor activity.

Wind Chime Kit

What's a fun summer gift idea for kids without adding the wind-powered musical chime. Wind Chimes capture the essence of summer, and every child should have one to feel or perhaps hear the summer breeze. Besides, it comes with a paintbrush and colors to personalize and decorate their very own Wind Chime!

Underwater Pool Ball

Do you want to spice up your pool time this summer? Instead of just swimming or jumping around in the pool, your kids can also do some sports! Yep, the pool ball can be passed, dribbled, and even kicked underwater!

It’ll make the ideal summer gift for kids if you have a pool or know someone with a pool. It’ll sure keep family and friends entertained well into the evening.

Ultimate Pool Ball

Ultimate Pool Ball

Watermelon Ball

Watermelon Ball

Kids Sunglasses with UV400 Protection

It's summertime, and your kids will need a pair of sunglasses! Whether it's for parties, the beach, or just being cool, these sunglasses are perfect for your little ones. 400% UV protection and durable construction will keep them safe all day while they're kicking butt at their sports game or doing any outdoor summer activities!

Ball Catch Set Game

The sort of gift where your kids run immediately outdoor to try it out straight after unwrapping! Yep, that's the best part about outdoor summer gifts for kids; they encourage outdoor activities from the get-go. This Ball Catch Game will do exactly that, for it's easy to learn, put on, and have a great time!

Indoor Summer Gifts for Kids

There is a chance your child prefers indoor activities, or you may not have a backyard for some sportive summer activities. No worries, some indoor summer activities for kids are just as great.

Summertime means no school and more family time, and there will be a lot of fun activities to do with your kids that don’t involve sport-like activities. You’ll love the following indoor summer gifts for kids.

DIY Creativity Kits

These DIY kits for kids are the perfect example of a creative indoor summer activity! With endless craft ideas, your kids will develop a strong creativity skills and stimulate critical thinking.

They come with an easy to follow instructions; your child will have fun creating their water globes or terrarium and will be surprised with their results!

Under the Sea Snow Globes

Under the Sea Snow Globes

Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Light-Up Terrarium Kit

Window Art

Window Art is the easiest way to put some sunshine in your home and make it beautiful. The kit comes with 20 different window art creations, including 12 sun-catcher shapes that your child can color and create custom transfers with vibrant paints.

LEGOs – Summer Vibes

Legos are one of the most popular toys in the world. Kids of all ages love it, and they never get old. It provides hours of fun for children and adults alike, as they can use their creativity for new designs and ideas!

The following LEGOs are, of course, no exception. If anything, they have a summer vibe which makes them excellent summer gifts.

LEGO DOTS Multi Pack

LEGO DOTS Multi Pack

LEGO Friends Summer Fun

LEGO Friends Summer Fun

Iconic Play-Doh

Which kid doesn’t love the art of shape, squish, mix? Yep, something only the iconic Play-Doh can provide. Surprise them with the original Play-Doh where their imagination can run wild, or check out the Play-Doh ice cream machine!

With the ice cream maker, your child could create realistic-looking ice cream and even drizzle a funny candy coating such as chocolate or strawberry!

Original 36 Pack Play-Doh

Original 36 Pack Play-Doh

Drizzy Ice Cream Playset

Drizzy Ice Cream Playset

Rock Painting Kit

With a wide variety of colors, this kit contains everything you need to create your personalized message. It’s easy to use, and kids can design endless variations of decorative stones. Plus, rock painting will remind kids of the beach and summer vibes.

When it comes to summer gifts for kids, make sure it involves a lot of DIY activities and spending quality time together with the family. For this reason, you should check out some of the best DIY Gifts here for Kids who love art & crafts!

So, this list provides several summer gifts for children, both indoor and outdoor gifts ideas. But wait, there are more summer ideas to make your kids the happiest and continue to stay away from electronics! Let’s find out.

Fun Popsicle Maker

Nothing describes a Fun Summer Day than having to create and enjoy a refreshing homemade popsicle! Shaped like an actual popsicle, the non-stick silicone mold makes it easy to make fun popsicles with just a twist.

You have to try out the following Popsicle makers as summer gifts for kids to have a blast making ice-cold, fruity treats for the whole family!

Bath Bombs and Scoops

Summertime means a lot of sports, beaches and other outdoor activities. However, it also means a lot of showers and baths! For this reason, the following gift ideas will come in handy! Make sure bath time is fun, and these ice cream bath bombs or bath scoops will not disappoint!

Bath Bombs

Bath Scoops

Personalized Towels

A perfect addition to the bath bombs mentioned above will be these personalized Beach towels. They will make bath time much more fun, and your kids will feel like they’re at the beach. Besides, it’s soft, comfortable, and, best of all, personalized!

Personalized Ice Pop Holder

No more freezing popsicles, and popsicle drip all over the place! With the personalized ice pop holder, your kids can enjoy the summer the way they should. Each holder will be personalized with the name or word of your choice!

And there you have it, some of the best Summer Gifts for Kids that aren’t Electronics.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, summer gifts should involve spending quality time with family and friends. There is absolutely nothing wrong with electronics, but it’ll be a great idea to take a break from it during summertime. 

The best time for electronics such as Video Games or Nintendo switches will be during study breaks, where they can reward themselves easily after a hard day of studying and learning. 

There are so many fun things to do with kids in the summer which aren’t electronics. Here are some ideas for you to try: 

  • Go on a nature hike and explore the forest together.
  •  Make your own ice cream and enjoy it outside on a hot day.
  • Play games like hide and seek or tag together in the backyard or park.
  • Have a water fight with your friends and family, or play around in the sprinklers at home!

The bottom line is, have fun! I hope this list helped in finding the perfect summer gifts for children.

This Post is all about finding fun Summer Gifts for Kids

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