Trendy Must-Have Gifts

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Looking for some Trendy Gift Ideas? Let’s find out what’s poppin in 2021 and dig into the trendy gift list.

Everything Yelena Belova

Who isn’t obsessed with the astounding Yelena Belova? The talented Florence Pugh did an amazing job portraying her, we can’t help but fall in love with the character. As a result, the following Toys & costumes are definitely a must-have!

Action Figure Toy

Halloween Costume

Funny Tiny Hands

Tiny hands by Dr. Dingus won’t fail to keep everyone entertained and filled with laughter. Hands down, it will be one of the funniest gifts to unbox.

The Child Collection

The Mandalorian on Disney plus has ‘Star Wars’ fans losing their minds over The Child, previously known as Baby Yoda. A Fan of the franchise or not, everyone wants a Baby Yoda! Well, maybe it’s just that no one can resist this cuteness overload.  

Plush Version

Lego Version

May the Baby Yoda Cuteness be with you

POP! Fans

Are you planning on getting a Pop icon as a gift? I mean those big heads do make great gifts. However, according to the official Funko app, there are over 8,200 POP Vinyl figures estimated. In my opinion, that’s way too many choices and too many decisions to make. Oh well, I tried my best to pick out a few, which I guess won’t disappoint as a gift.

This is fine Dog

Freddy Fazbear

Spongebob Rainbow

Wireless charger (For wireless charging phones)

If you are looking for cool gadgets, this futuristic wireless charger will be the one. With 5mm thickness, 100mm width & 1.44 ounces, it can be easily used ‘on the go’ or placed next to the bedside for a slick look. Impossible to fail as a cute gift.

What Do You Meme?

Finally, an activity that is only filled with funlaughter, and good humor. No winners, no do-overs, just pure entertainment.

The box contains 435 cards, of which 360 of these are caption cards, and 75 are photo cards. Try your best to match a caption with a photo and create a room full of laughter!

Toothpaste dispenser

They are modern, fun & extremely practical; to be honest, they will automatically give your bathroom a cool look. Some Toothpaste dispenser even comes with a toothbrush holder which I find somewhat fun to organize. Let’s make brushing teeth much more enjoyable; children will definitely love it.

Toothpaste dispensers come in all forms and sizes.

Mini Bluetooth speakers

They are slick, portable, and appealing. It doesn’t matter if someone already has a Bluetooth speaker; I mean you can really have as many as possible! It can be placed anywhere from the kitchen to the bedside or going out for a picnic.

Check out these trendy designs from Muzen

The mini Bluetooth speakers from XLeader SoundAngel are highly recommended if you are looking for a cute and modern design.

The Toaster of all Toasters

It is named Revolution cooking for a reason. With over 60+ settings for Bread, Bagels, Muffins, and Waffles, the toaster is here to ensure your breakfast is exactly the way you like it. To sum it up, it is unmistakably the revolution of toasting.

Portable Vacuum cleaner

Meet Starument Portable Vacuum Cleaner. This cordless handheld cleaner is perfect for dust, pet hair, car interiors, and more. It is very light and easy to use, making it the best fun-size vacuum to exist.

Foldable keyboards

These pocket-sized foldable keyboards are just perfect for friends who are always ‘on the go’. Need to complete your school assignment or work project on a train? The foldable keyboard will be there for you, and yes your phone is enough.

Cozy footrest

As we continue working from home, how about making it extra comfy? Get the ‘Foot Rest’ cushion and place it under your desk for the ultimate relaxation.

Electric Mug warmer.

This mug warmer is just as delightful as it looks. We would love our tea or coffee to stay warm as we continue working or reading a book. The cool part about this mug warmer is that it comes with 3 adjustable temperatures! It’ll make a great gift for parents, friends, spouses, or perhaps anyone who loves hot drinks!

Portable UV Light Sanitizer.

It can be super practical, especially during the pandemic. The fun-size Sanitizer will protect you from all germs or viruses anywhere. Perfect for homes, cars, offices, schools, or travel.

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