Top 10 Gift Ideas That Could Make Your Crush Fall For You

Top 10 Gift Ideas that could make your crush fall for you

Are you looking to find the perfect gifts for your crush? Here are some Gift Ideas for you to show your feelings to him or her.

There will come a day when you will want to get a Christmas or Birthday Gift for your crush. Here are some tips and tricks that could make him or her fall for you after receiving your gift.


1. A Specific Gift Ideas for Crush

For starters, please avoid personalized gifts at all costs! For instance, avoid getting a bracelet with their name on it, or worse, with both your names on it! If anything, it could just be a turn-off. Instead, try finding out what they are really interested in. For example, if they are into games, I would recommend some of these items.

They must have mentioned their interests at some point, either during a conversation or via their social media accounts, for instance, their favorite series, movies, games, and so on (please do not find out via stalking!). To sum up, the term ‘a specific gift ideas for crush’ basically means finding out what their interests and what they truly love and turning it into a wonderful gift! This will show that their interests matter to you and that you embrace them.

I mean, as a Studio Ghibli fan myself, a good example would be, if someone got me a gift card or a pink wallet while the other got me a Totoro plush, I know which one would leave a heart-warming impression; wink, wink.

2. The Gift of Music

Music can awaken strong, magical, or hidden emotions, which could lead to powerful feelings. For this reason, try getting them musical gifts such as Music boxes or a USB Mixtape; I would advise the latter because you’ll have the opportunity to add your selection of songs. For example, pick a song you know they’ll love, or add some old and nostalgic songs to the mixtape; it will pull some strings. Talk about cute gifts for crush!

Music Box

Music Box

Cute USB Mixtape

Cute USB Mixtape

3. Latest version or Limited editions

By the latest version or limited edition, I do not mean the latest PlayStation or the latest iPhone. It’s never a good idea to surprise your crush with a pricy gift; as a matter of fact, getting something expensive might only make things awkward.

So what do I mean by getting your crush the latest versions or limited editions?

Well, here’s the deal, there are tons of limited products out there, from fashion and beauty products to sneakers and watches, almost every industry will release a limited-edition product. They might notice that it’s a Limited Edition, but if not, then I don’t see any harm in mentioning it. Try something along the line of “I know you love body mists, this is the limited edition version from…”. This way, it shows that you got your crush a body mist or a lovely perfume and made sure it’s the limited edition. Now, that’s a sweet way of pointing out how special they are to you.

4. A Gift to their loved ones

It may sound strange to a lot of people, but it’s perfectly normal. I find this gift idea quite interesting; here’s why:

A Gift to their loved ones means not getting a gift for your crush directly but instead getting a gift for their children, nieces, nephew, or even their pet! How is that any good?

Well, it shows that you want to be a part of their lives and you care about the people they love. The gift itself doesn’t really matter; it could be anything from toys to accessories; it is the thought that counts.

However, keep in mind that this won’t work during birthdays; it’ll just be weird. It will only be possible during casual visits or gatherings where you’d expect to see or meet their loved ones.

5. An Inspirational Book

Now, here’s the sort of gift that will be an ideal Christmas or Birthday Gift for Crush! Besides, a book is always a great gift. For this reason, you should take the opportunity to choose a book that could indirectly convey your message. The following are just some examples, but there are endless choices of inspirational books which I’m pretty sure will put a smile on their faces – and their hearts.

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6. Rose in a Glass Dome

How direct are you planning to be with your feelings, because this one will definitely stand out! In comparison to the other gift ideas on the list, this one could be the most straightforward gift for crush. In a good way, nevertheless. I mean, it takes courage to express your feelings to your crush directly, and sometimes that could be a huge turn-on!

Inspired by Beauty and the Beast, this enchanted rose in a Glass Dome is beyond dreamy. It’ll be a secret way of telling him or her that your love only grows stronger as time goes by.

7. Beautiful Wall Art Print

A gift of art, nothing beats a beautiful piece of art. A bonus if they are already into art, and if not, you are still giving your crush an elegant and special gift.

Remember that they will have to place it somewhere, which means they will think of you whenever they come across it. For this reason, you should make a wise decision and pick an attractive or unusual art print. Make sure it’s an impressive piece; that is to say, something complex or funny; either way, it will leave an impression.

Here are a few examples, but countless other choices are out there. Only you can make the right decision.

8. Sweet-scented Candles

Scented Candles will make a great gift idea for crush because the aromatic smell will remind them of you every time they light one! Think about it, I mean scents can be a powerful memory trigger! Therefore, a sweet-scented candle will unlikely disappoint.

In addition to this, you can propose lighting it up immediately and as a result, creating a sweet moment, you will both cherish to remember. There are many choices out there; make sure you pick something memorable or unusual such as Homemade Sugar Cookie, Cherry Blossom, or Ocean Blue Mist. It’s a bonus if they end up loving the scent because they’ll light it more often, and, consequently, remember you.

Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie

Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Ocean Blue Mist

Ocean Blue Mist

9. Everything will be alright

Everyone is fighting their own battles, and your crush will not be an exception. Your crush could also be fighting a battle you know nothing about, and for this reason, an “uplifting gift” will always make a sweet and heartwarming gift for crush.

Now, the best part about this is that it could make a cute Valentine’s Day gift idea for your Crush. It can be awkward to get your Crush a gift on Valentine’s day, but these specific gift ideas can stir the awkwardness away! That is to say, it does not shout ‘Romance’ directly to their faces, but at the same time, it touches a soft spot and could brighten their day.

The gift itself could be a piece of inspiring jewelry with uplifting messages. It could also be a mug or a keychain; all that matters is the message. The following are some examples:

10. A Fun Trophy

When it comes to cute gifts for crush, I sure saved the best for last. Yes, we are talking about creating a fun trophy for your crush!

Design custom awards or trophies to show your crush that they are the best in what they do or love doing. For example, ‘The Best Baker’, or ‘Football Player of the year’ and so on. A trophy could be a fun gift; I mean, everyone loves being appreciated, and this is taking appreciation to a whole new level!

The best way is to make it sweet and funny without overdoing it. You can find a lot of customizable trophies on Amazon; or design a beautiful award on Zazzle.

Here are a few examples of customizable trophies.

And there you have it! Some of the best Gift Ideas for crush, whether a crush girl or a crush boy, I’m sure they’ll love it!

There are no specific timings or rules for feelings to develop. However, making the right moves, or should I say giving the right gift, could be a game-changer!

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