Top 10 Best Golf Shoes for Golf Lovers

Top 10 Golf Shoes for Golf Lovers

The 10 Best Golf Shoes by Jeff Fang

Every golfer knows that equipment makes a big deal in your performance on the golf course. For example, somebody playing with a brand new set of Callaway Edge irons will have a significant advantage over someone playing with an old hand-me-down set.

Though this idea is common knowledge in golf clubs, the same applies to other golf gear. Such golf gear includes gloves, pants, and even golf shoes.

If you’ve been looking for a pair of good golf shoes to boost your game, you’ve come to the right place. This post will cover 10 of the best golf shoes of 2022. With these shoes, you’ll find yourself playing better golf without even noticing it!


What To Consider When Choosing Golf Shoes

Before purchasing golf shoes, there are a few essential factors you should consider. These should all come together to inform your decision on what best golf shoe to pick:

  • Waterproofing Ability—If you live in a place that gets a lot of rain, this factor will be more important to you than if you live in a sunny, dry climate. Different golf shoes have different waterproofing abilities, and it’s important to note whether the one you’re considering fits your needs. Some golfers get two pairs for the rainy/wetter season and drier playing conditions.
  • Shoe Size—Needless to say, getting a pair of golf shoes that fit you well matters a lot. When considering different golf shoes, please pay attention to how wide they are and how long they are. You should try and get a pair of golf shoes that are the perfect size. They shouldn’t be big enough that you can feel your feet moving around, but they also shouldn’t pinch anywhere.
  • Spiked vs. Spikeless—Another critical factor to consider is whether or not your golf shoes have spikes. Traditional spikes offer greater traction mid-swing but will situate your feet slightly above the ground (and these shoes aren’t usually versatile). Spikeless shoes tend to be more comfortable and light but won’t give you the same level of traction as spiked shoes.
  • Style—There was only one type of golf shoe in the past, and you were limited in your style choices. Nowadays, however, there are styles to fit everyone’s needs. Be sure to pick a pair of shoes that you love and feel comfortable wearing to the course (and showing off).

The Best Golf Shoes of 2022

From classic-looking shoes that give you the great performance to stylish modern-day golf shoes that offer comfort, this list is sure to provide you with something that you’ll enjoy and will benefit you.

1. Puma Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoes

1. Puma Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoes

Arguably one of the best shoes Puma has ever made, the Puma Ignite Proadapts are incredibly comfortable and extremely sturdy.

The signature IGNITE foam provides for a comfy feel for the soles of your feet, so you don’t have to suffer from any more annoying Achille burns. Plus, these Proadapts have a sturdy outsole that’s both light and sturdy, providing you with a strong foundation for your swing.

2. Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods ’20

Inspired by dress shoes, the Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods aims to bring a little bit of classic fashion back to the golf course. This shoe is snug and reactive with traditional lacing and lightweight synthetic leather.

Additionally, the shoes offer a foam-padded sock liner for support and removable spikes that help you power through every single one of your shots. Marketed as having a “classic look with modern performance,” these shoes do have the ability to put you one step closer in golfing ability to Tiger Woods.

3. Adidas ZG21

3. Adidas ZG21

eSleek, stylish, and light, the Adidas ZG21 is a pair of golf shoes built for performance. Inspired by tour pros like Xander Schauffele, Collin Morikawa, and Dustin Johnson, Adidas went about creating a shoe that was both high-performing and lightweight. The result: the Adidas ZG21s.

Not only do these Adidas ZG21s look amazing, but they’re also super comfortable and will last you a few years if taken care of properly. Bonus: Adidas has made it a mission to make golf shoes sustainable, so most of the content in the ZG21s is recycled.

4. Callaway Coronado V2

4. Callaway Coronado V2

One of the best Callaway golf shoes on the market, the Callaway Coronado V2s are an embodiment of Callaway’s signature craftsmanship and comfort. These golf shoes expertly marry the athletic look and feel with a performance that’s hard to exceed.

Though they may take slightly longer to break in than other shoes, the Coronado V2s are highly waterproof, well-cushioned, and made of high-quality materials.

5. FootJoy Men's FJ Originals Golf Shoes

5. FootJoy Men's FJ Originals Golf Shoes

If you’re more into the classic look of traditional golf shoes but want the performance that some of the newer shoes seem to offer, consider FootJoy’s FJ Originals.

FootJoy is known for producing high-quality shoes, and the Originals are no different.

The rubber outsole provides exceptional traction for your game, the stylish leather on the outside of the shoe offers an aesthetic look, and the shoe is 100% waterproof. What more could you want from a classic golf shoe?

6. Under Armour Spieth 5

The main reason that most people fear switching to spikeless shoes is that they’re afraid they’ll lose traction.

With the Under Armour Spieth 5s, you can put these fears aside.

Under Armour’s proprietary UA HOVR™ cushioning enables you to make hard and fast swings while softening the impact on your feet, ensuring that you’ll be able to take long hours on the course. Furthermore, the 3D molded footbed makes slippage much less likely during a swing.

7. FootJoy Pro SL Carbon

7. FootJoy Pro SL Carbon

In redesigning the best shoe in golf, FootJoy also inadvertently created the beauty known as the FootJoy Pro SL Carbon. Though this shoe looks almost identical to the Pro SL, it feels completely different.

The Pro SL Carbons have a thick layer of cushioning around the ankles to make the swing feel more comfortable and secure. Furthermore, this spikeless shoe implements technology that gives it traction comparable with those from spiked shoes!

8. Skechers Go Golf Pro V.4

8. Skechers Go Golf Pro V.4

Skechers is known for making comfortable running shoes and has expanded its expertise into the world of golf. The Go Golf Pro V.4s are high-performing but, most importantly, almost immediately comfy.

Unlike other leather golf shoes that you’d expect to spend 2-3 rounds breaking in, you can step onto the course with a brand new pair of Go Golf Pro V.4s, and rest assured that your feet will feel comfortable immediately.

9. Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour

Designed with lots of input from tour player Rory McIlroy, the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tours provide players with immense comfort without sacrificing any performance. These shoes are wearable year-round but are especially impressive in wet weather. With a shoe this comfy, you’d expect it to get soaked or lose traction with rain, but that’s entirely not the case.

The Air Zoom Victory Tours are great for walking, have a beautiful design, and are easy to clean. It’s truly a pair that’s fit for champions.

10. Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid

10. Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid

With the Ecco Golf Casual Hybrids, you can spend a day at work, head to the golf course, and immediately step onto the first tee without having to change your shoes. The Hybrids are precisely what the name suggests: a mix between casual wear and high-performing golf shoes.

at you’re wearing a pair of golf shoes (both on and off the course). These shoes will be fine on public golf courses, but be careful playing at some exclusive private clubs, as you might get some funny looks.

FAQs About Golf Shoes

How Much Should I Spend on Golf Shoes?

The amount of money you should spend on golf shoes depends entirely on what level of golfer you are and what you’re looking for in a golf shoe. The typical shoe will be in the range of $100 to $200, but there are also some desirable options priced below $100 that you shouldn’t count out.

Do Pros Use Spiked or Spikeless Golf Shoes?

Nowadays, more and more pros are transitioning to spikeless golf shoes. Though they are still a minority among pro players, spikeless shoes have steadily grown in popularity. It all depends on their preferences and what they perform the best wearing.

Can I Wear Running Shoes To Play Golf?

The short answer is “yes,” but the real question is how much utility you can get from purchasing a good pair of golf shoes. Some golf shoes on the market combine the best of both worlds and offer a comfortable walking experience and on-course performance.

Are Golf Shoes OK for Walking?

The answer to this question depends on what kind of golf shoes you purchase. Most golf shoes are much more expensive than regular shoes, and if your pair is one with spikes, you’ll wear them down by walking in them too much. However, if you purchased a hybrid shoe intended for everyday use, then, by all means, walk-in them as much as you want!

Recap: Best Golf Shoes of 2022

So there you have it, a list of the ten best golf shoes to try in 2022. Some of them err on the more traditional side, while others embrace modern technology and try to bring you something new. All of them are fantastic choices and are almost guaranteed to elevate your game to the next level.

As a quick recap, the ten shoes listed in this post are:

  • Puma Ignite Proadapt Golf Shoes
  • Nike Air Zoom Tiger Woods ’20
  • Adidas ZG21
  • Callaway Coronado V2
  • FootJoy Men’s Fj Originals Golf Shoes
  • Under Armour Spieth 5
  • Footjoy Pro SL Carbon
  • Skechers Go Golf Pro V.4
  • Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour
  • Ecco Golf Casual Hybrid

Be sure to do some research and give some of these a try before your next big golf match. You could very well shave a couple of strokes off your game and put yourself ahead of your friends the next time you play together.

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