Birthday Party Games For Tweens: 12 Fun Ideas

Birthday Party Games For Tweens

Planning a birthday bash for your tween can be a complete head-scratcher, especially trying to figure out what games to play can be a bit of a challenge.
That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve scoured the web, polled the experts, and compiled a list of the most fun, exciting, and age-appropriate birthday party games for tweens.

From classic favorites like Truth or Dare (with a modern twist, of course) to trendy new challenges like escape rooms and virtual scavenger hunts, we’ve got you covered. So let’s get this party started!


Birthday Party Games For Tweens

Birthday Party Game Ideas for Tweens

Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt? This game is perfect for tweens who love a good challenge and enjoy exploring their surroundings. Plus, it’s a great way to get them up and moving instead of being glued to their screens all day.

To set up a scavenger hunt, first, create a list of items for the participants to find. Depending on their age and abilities, you can make it as easy or complex as you want. Then, hide the items around the house, yard, or neighborhood.

When the hunt begins, give each player a list copy and set them loose to search for the items. The first one to find everything and return to the starting point wins!

Remember to add some fun twists, like time limits or bonus items, for extra points. So get ready to hunt, and let the games begin!

Dungeon and Dragons

Roll a D20 and embark on a journey of epic proportions in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. This classic role-playing game is perfect for tweens who love fantasy, adventure, and using their imaginations.

To start, gather a group of friends and the birthday person to act as the Dungeon Master (DM). The DM creates the world and storyline, while the players create characters and make decisions that affect the game’s outcome.

Players roll dice to determine their actions’ success and battle imaginary monsters and foes. Your imagination only limits the game, so get creative and have fun with it!

Whether your tweens are brave warriors, powerful wizards, or sneaky thieves, Dungeons and Dragons is a game that brings people together and creates unforgettable memories. So grab the dice and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime!

Minute to Win It

Test skills and compete in the ultimate challenge of Minute to Win It, the game where you have just one minute to complete crazy and hilarious tasks.
To play, divide players into teams and set up a series of challenges that can be completed in under a minute. These can include stacking cups, balancing objects on your head, or bouncing ping-pong balls into cups.

Each team takes turns attempting the challenges, and the team with the most successful completion at the end of the game wins! Don’t forget to add some twists, like blindfolding players or using only one hand.

Minute to Win It is a game that’s easy to set up but hard to master. So grab your stopwatch and get ready for some high-stakes, high-energy fun!

Karaoke Party

Are the tweens ready to take the stage and become pop stars for a night? Then grab the mic and prepare for karaoke, the ultimate party game for music lovers!

Karaoke is all about singing your heart out to your favorite songs, whether you’re a pro or a complete novice. With a wide selection of songs, everyone can find something they love, from classic rock anthems to modern pop hits.

The best part? You don’t have to be a great singer to have a great time! Karaoke is about having fun and letting loose, so don’t be afraid to belt it out and dance like no one’s watching.

So grab your friends, pick your songs, and get ready for a night of unforgettable fun. Karaoke, here we come!

Here are some supply ideas to get your party started!

Disco Ball Light

Disco Ball Light

Karaoke Machine

Karaoke Machine

Party Backdrop

Party Backdrop

Dance Party

Clear the living room to let your tweens groove and show off their best moves! A dance party is the perfect way to get everyone on their feet and moving to the beat.

Whether the teens are into pop, hip-hop, or rock and roll, there’s a dance style for everyone. You can even encourage your tweens to create their own choreography and show it to their friends.

So turn up the music, clear some space, and prepare to bust a move! A dance party is the perfect way to let loose, have fun, and create unforgettable memories with friends. Just remind them that there are no wrong moves on the dance floor!

Mario Kart

If your tweens are into video games, you got to set up a Mario Kart tournament for the party! It’s a fun game like Super Mario but with a twist.

Mario Kart is the ultimate racing game where the tweens can choose their favorite Mario character and compete against their friends on wild and crazy tracks.

Set up a tournament and have everyone bring their own controllers. Then, let the race begin! Power up with items like banana peels, green shells, and even lightning bolts to give you the edge you need to win.

With its colorful graphics, upbeat soundtrack, and addictive gameplay, Mario Kart is a game that’s sure to keep your tweens and their friends entertained for hours on end. So buckle up and get ready for some high-speed action!

Minecraft Building Contest

For the creative tweens, it’s time to break out the blocks and get building with a Minecraft building contest! With endless possibilities and a world of imagination at their fingertips, this game is perfect for letting their creativity run wild.

So, set a theme for the contest, whether a medieval castle or a futuristic city, and let the contestants get to work. You’ll be amazed at the incredible structures they can create, from towering skyscrapers to intricate mazes.

Moreover, you can be the judge, choose the most creative build, and give them a prize for winning. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about cleaning up messes or using any materials.

With Minecraft, the building never stops. So get ready to let their imaginations soar and build something unique!

Fortnite Nerf Gun Battle

Are your tweens obsessed with Fortnite and Nerf guns? Prepare to bring their favorite game to life with a Fortnite Nerf Gun Battle!

Set up a battleground with obstacles and hiding spots, and let the players choose their favorite Nerf gun. Then, let the battle begin! The objective is to be the last person standing, just like in the game.

The excitement is tangible as players duck and dodge, strategize and attack. And the best part? No one gets hurt! It’s the perfect game for getting active, working off some energy, and having a blast with friends.

So, gear up and prepare for a Fortnite Nerf Gun Battle that your tweens will never forget!

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Truth or Dare

Looking for a game that will bring out the laughs, the truths, and the dares? Look no further than the classic game of Truth or Dare!

Gather your tweens together and let the fun begin. Players take turns choosing either truth or dare, and the rest of the group gets to ask questions or give challenges.

From embarrassing truths to hilarious dares, this game is about getting to know each other better and having a great time. Everyone should feel comfortable and safe, so keep the challenges appropriate and fun.

So, spill the tea and take on some crazy challenges with Truth or Dare. It’s a party game that brings laughs and creates unforgettable memories!

Balloon Pop

As a parent, you’re always looking for fun and easy party games to entertain your tweens. And that’s where Balloon Pop comes in!

All you need is some balloons, prizes, and eager players. Write down an award on a slip of paper and insert it into each balloon before inflating. Then, let the games begin!

Players take turns popping balloons to reveal their prize. It could be anything from candy to a mini retro console to a special treat. And the excitement is real as everyone waits to see what they’ll win.

Balloon Pop is a simple yet entertaining game perfect for birthday parties, sleepovers, or any occasion. So get ready to pop some balloons and make some memories!

Pin the Tail on the Donkey

Remember the classic game Pin the Tail on the Donkey from your childhood? Well, it’s time to bring it back and introduce your tweens to this timeless party game.

All you need is a poster of a donkey, some tails, and a blindfold. Each player is blindfolded and spun around one by one before trying to pin the tail in the correct spot.

It’s a game that requires focus, balance, and a lot of laughter. And the best part? You can customize it to fit any theme, whether Pin the Horn on the Unicorn or Pin the Eye on the Monster.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and easy game that’s sure to be a hit, Pin the Tail on the Donkey is the way to go.

Escape Room

It’s time to bring the thrill of an Escape Room to your own home!

You can turn any room into a puzzle-filled adventure with creativity and clever clues. Design your own challenges or find pre-made kits online, and let your tweens work together to solve them.

From decoding messages to finding hidden objects, the challenges are endless. And the best part? It’s a team-building activity perfect for everyone working together and having fun.

Escape Room parties are becoming all the rage, and it’s easy to see why. So get ready to put your tweens to the test and see if they can escape before time runs out!

Try the following fun escape room.

And there you have it; I hope you like some of these Birthday Party Games for Tweens.

With these exciting birthday party games For tweens’ ideas, your party will surely be a hit. And remember to incorporate lots of delicious food and prizes for extra adventure and fun.

Moreover, if your tweens are into other video games, consider incorporating those themes into the party—for example, a Fortnite-themed Nerf gun battle or a Pokemon-themed scavenger hunt. The possibilities are endless, and the kids will have a blast no matter what game they choose.

This Post is all about Creating the best Birthday Party Games For Tweens.

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