Top 10 Trendy Gifts for Geeks & Nerds

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Not sure what to get your witty friend? Here is a list of 10 awesome gifts for your geeky nerdy buddies.

1. Cordless Lightbulb

Make them feel like Nikola Telsa or Thomas Edison. USB rechargeable cordless LED lightbulb makes a cool unearthly deco like no other. A gift every Nerd will definitely appreciate.

2. USB Fan Clock

How cool is this floating clock? After turning it on, the fan spins, and a futuristic clock appears! Mind-blowing! It is also adjustable in any direction for a soft breeze. How cool is that? Pun intended.

3. Awesome set of Glasses

Measure your water with mathematical precision or raise a glass to toast history’s greatest minds. All would make an awesome gift for any Geeks & Nerds. No, glasses are not dull gifts. I mean, look at them!

Mathematical Glasses

History’s greatest minds

4. Bulb shaped Planter

Awesome for the desktop at home or in the office. Gives you a cute futuristic WALL.E vibe. A simple gift yet remarkably beautiful.

5. 3D Mechanical Treasure Box

The process for assembling this cute little brain teaser might take over 5 hours! Talk about a challenge. With that being said, it is still a fun way to “working together” and creating that awesome geeky bond.

6. Cute Little Solar Charger

As you continue to carry around your portable power bank, a geek would definitely prefer a portable solar charger- that’s if they haven’t built one already by themselves. Not only is it delightful but practical & eco-friendly!

7. Retro Floppy Disk Coaster

I can’t believe these aren’t actual floppy disks but coasters. An ideal gift for Generation Y Geeks & Nerds. And yes, tell Generation Z, this is not the 3D print of the “Save Button”!

8. Labyrinth Puzzle

Oh boy, a labyrinth & a puzzle, and we thought the mechanical chest was tough enough. With 1,000 pieces and only 2 colors, this puzzle is taking puzzling to a whole new level, pretty evil if you ask me! A geek will nonetheless appreciate this as a gift.

9. Chemistry Cream & Sugar Set

It’s not that our morning coffee doesn’t add a chemical reaction to our brains anyway. They might as well look the part! A super cute take on chemistry for a remarkable gift.

10. Timelike Math Clock

You might not be able to tell the time but your geeky friend certainly does.

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